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  1. I don't know guys, sadly, this issue has taken me back to the keurig.com rendering issue (mirrored text). For some reason no matter what I have tried including Retro and Ultra Mode's I can not get rid of the mirroring. Even worse is now I can no longer get rid of it no matter what UA I choose including IE9. I have no clue what is going on here. For what ever reason, I think I need to update the browser to the same one you guys are on. Even though I am set to the current browser according to the About Maxthon within the app, there is apparently an issue with this method of updating the browser which I have to investigate so that I can figure out how to update it to the true current one. Once I have done that I will need to run through these tests again. I don't think that there is a difference in the two versions as far as these issue go, it will help to make sure that I am using the same code set. I'll repost once I have updated the browser and retested all of this again. Thank you all for hanging with me on this!
  2. Hey Joemax, Thanks for your reply. I will try again in Retro mode and let you know what happens. Last time I tried it, I can tell you for sure it stayed mirrors. The only setting that didn't have the mirroring was setting User Agent to IE9. I guess that also answers your question to how the site looks in IE (while setting the UA to IE9 is not the same as opening IE on my laptop which is running IE 11, I opened IE on my system and tried Kuerig.com and it renders just fine.). As an FYI, the rendering issue was all addressed in a different thread I had opened. Mirrored text rendering issue (kuerig.com) Forgive the following but I am not sure yet how to pull comments from another post. Said by joemax:P.S.S. The reason people are asked to remain on topic is that the thread is more helpful for people that do search by remaining concise.Please know that I am fully aware of this, infact I made a statement earlier on in this post explaining that as a reason why I had a problem with the negative comment to begin with as I found that it took away from the usefulness of the thread for the next person who many have a similar problem. I am far from a forum novice. I have been a member of tech forums for over 18 years. I value forums like this and I try very hard to support their integrity. I also always do my due diligence before asking any questions to a forum, however, I also believe in common courtesy. If you already have information that you know someone is looking for, there is no need to force them to do the work to find it, just share it, and save the person sometime! All of our time is valuable! All the best, and thank you for your post. As stated, I will try the Retro Mode again, and I will try some more tests. It is very possible that when I tried Retro Mode previously, the old mode was still in memory and my test may not have been enough to force Maxthon to pick up the new setting thus failing my previous test. Wish me luck!
  3. Hi Odysse, I never intended for this to go off topic. I just don't appreciate being talked down to as I am sure you would not either. I have always been very respectful to everyone here and I expect the same. To stay back on topic. I did respond that Retro mode does not help with this. I had previously tried that and it did not work. In Fact, I have tried Retro mode for a couple issues that I have ad in which Retro Mode was the suggested fix, and thus far it has not corrected any of them. This leads me to believe that this issue along with the other problems with the rendering of the pages lends to there being a deeper problem with Maxthon other then a user configurable issue. I hope that Maxthon Dev will pick this up and have a look further. I do thank everyone for their assistance. I also apologize for allowing this issue to have been taken off topic and hope that in the future people will respect others in the way they respond. There is no reason to speak down to anyone. We are all here to help or be helped. To learn or teach. In either roll there is no reason to have a short fuse with anyone and respect should be common place. Have a great day!
  4. First of all it has nothing to do with lazy. Second of all, I never said they were "hard-to-find" answers. I just figured that since you already had the answer(s) and being the time and and being very tired. Not to mention, I have been sick, so things are a little more difficult for me then others as far as physically typing and mentally, thinking out side the box a little bit, I figured it would have been very easy for you to have shared the answer. I didn't come into this forum and open a thread some someone to come in and flame me in my own thread. Look if you are too good to be helpful, then maybe you shouldn't be posting in this Forum. It's people like you that drive people away from specific forums because people do not appreciate being talked down to. I have never had a bad experience within these forums. I have always found everyone here to be professional and very helpful. Why do you feel that you are so much better then everyone and that you are so far above everyone that you need to be blatantly be rude when some one asked that you just share the info rather then having to search for it again? Was it that much trouble for you? I did not come here to be talked down to. People like you push people away from posting because god forbid they ask a question that may have been asked before, they don't want to sit and get flamed over it. I know I certainly did not come here for that. Not to mention, it takes away from the usefulness of the post. Now because you had to be an ass over it, this thread is partially wasted and not worth a damn for anyone else that might have a similar issue that might look here for a resolution. Why I am wasting my time replying to a child is beyond me. Do I know that you are a child? No, I don't but, your immaturity in your response certainly do not scream mature adult. I don't really care at this point what the mods want to do about this thread, but I assure you this is not the type of thread I am sure they have in mind for keeping around here, but whatever. I'll end this by just saying that I really do not appreciate the way you spoke to me. It was completely uncalled for as I have been very respectful to you. In the future you should think about what you are about to say to someone, and think about how you are speaking to someone before you open your mouth and start typing.
  5. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-2-18 16:43 So if I understood correctly what your saying is, that the Maxthon UA is not the default UA? I ask ... Thanks for not really helping here Magg. Since we are having all this discussion, couldn't you save me from having to search through the forums and just let me know? Or is it a complicated thing that requires a bunch of steps that it's just easier for me to search and find a post about this, and then follow the tedious steps in the post? Just trying to understand why since this is an open discussion that you couldn't just save me the trouble. QIK5L - RE:Retro mode, as explained in the thread that I started regarding the mirrored text, Retro mode tried and did not fix the mirrored text. The only change that fixed this for me was to select IE9 as the UA. Sadly as I find out now, that is breaking my Facebook. Doesn't seem like I can win here!
  6. Ok, so unchecking the customer UA still leaves me with the rendering problem of having the mirrored text on the sites like the Keurig.com site. I have made the correction that using the Maxthon UA is NOT the default UA, but either way, having the default UA (leaving the custom US unchecked) still leaves me with a problem. So I either have a problem with FB by checking IE9 which gets rid of the mirrored text or I get the mirrored text by checking the Maxthon UA or not having a US selected at all, but I can use FB. Either way you look at it, I am swapping one problem for another. Something needs to be fixed. Thanks!
  7. Dardwizzle replied at 2015-2-18 16:01 Ok, so the good news is that switching my User Agent to he default has corrected the Facebook issue. ... So if I understood correctly what your saying is, that the Maxthon UA is not the default UA? I ask because that is what was set after installing Maxthon, so I just assumed that this was the default. That being said, I can try unchecking it and restarting Maxthon and see what happens as you have shown in your screenshot. I still have the question as to how your defining what is the current version of the browser. Can you please advise on that based on my previous reply? In the mean time, I will try unchecking the UA as you have shown in your screenshot and restarting the browser and see how things react. I will reply with how things go after that. Thanks!
  8. Ok, so the good news is that switching my User Agent to he default has corrected the Facebook issue. The bad news is that changing the User Agent to the Default has again broken the rendering issue on the sites that I had the problems with. So it's a trade, I leave it set to default, and I can't use certain sites like Keurig.com. The text in the shopping area for the K-Cups all shows up mirrored. Impossible to use the site like this. There are other sites that are affected as well in the same manor and some sites where the rendering problem isn't as bad, but still has issues. If I set it to be able to view the sites that have the rendering problem, which is to set the User Agent to IE9, then I can not use FB. It would seem that there is a serious problem with the User Agents that now has turned into a higher priority issue and needs to be addressed. Thanks!
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the replies. Let me fill you guys in on a few things, perhaps this may have something to do with things. Recently I had an issue with the rendering of certain sites. It was determined the problem was that the User agent had to be changed from the default to EI9. When set to IE9 the rendering problem went away and I was able to goto the sites. So we kept the User agent to IE9. If I change it back to the default then I lose the sites that I switched it to fix. Not a huge deal, I would rather have my FB, so I will try that and see what happened. While I do that, I have to ask a question. You guys both said that I should update my Maxthon to the latest version. (NOTE: I do not have any extensions, so no worries there) How does one tell that there is a newer Maxthon version available? I ask because I have been using the About Which tells you what version you are running and says that it is checking to see if you have the latest version and mine says that it has the latest version of Why is it that you guys are seeing a newer version while I am seeing something different? What are you guys using to check your version? In the mean time I have switched the User Agent to the default of "Maxthon". I will need to close my browser and reopen it to see if the FB problem goes away or not. I will save this post reply and see what happens when I open it back up. I will reply once I check it out. Of course this will break the sites that I had to change the User Agent in order to get past the Text Rendering issue. That kind of pushes the priority of getting the rendering issue fixed. Here is the link to the rendering problem. http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14436&fromuid=30707338
  10. Hi Guys, So I have this weird problem where when I try to get into Facebook (especially when there are posts and messages waiting for me), the site becomes very unresponsive to the point where I just have to close it and use a different browser in order to access the posts / messages. I have not seen this problem with any other website. The only way for me to view the post or msg is to just use a another browser like Chrome or Firefox. Just to cover my bases, I am running Windows 8.1 and Maxthon v (the latest version according to Maxthon:About.) If I do not have any new posts, or no one has attempted to message me, I can use the site just fine, but once someone does, and I click on the Facebook tab, or I open Facebook and there is a message / post waiting for me, the page will not load. I have tried many things to get past this, suck as simply closing the tab and opening anew. Nope. I have tried closing the browsers, rebooting (Why? Because nothing else worked! lol) Nope, nadda.) Clearing cache, history. Gone as far as to use CClearner to help clean something that may just be hiding..No way!.... Ok, So how-about clearing the cookies for Facebook? (F12/resources, use at your own risk if you aren't sure what you are doing) Clearing cookies did not help either. So guys as you can see, I don't know what or why I am having this problem and it's is only with Facebook, and only when there is a new post or personal message to me. Otherwise there is not problem moving about Facebook. If anyone can provide me with some suggestions, I would really be appreciated. It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. If I had to venture a guess as to the problem, I would say that it was either an issue with corrupt cookies, or corrupt cache, however, clearing these does not seem to help out at all, and that puts me at a huge loss. The worse part is clearing cleaning these does not seem to be helping me get past this. My only solution thus far is to just use another browser. I was looking through the forums, and I came a across another thread that I am not sure but could be similar to this. I am not real sure but since this problem seems was out there, It thought I would mention it anyway incase they are related, plus it would help silence those that think that people don't search the forums here before opening a new thread! Check out this link http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14593&fromuid=30707338 May not have anything to do with my issue, but who knows. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas please let me know!
  11. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-28 02:27 Hi Dardwizzle, Sorry for the inconvenience. You problem sounds like "System tray icon"settings relat ... Sure, I can log out of Maxthon, run some tests, log back in run some tests. Problem is, I don't know exactly how to reproduce this so I don't know when this will happen and under what circumstances. So it may take me sometime to see if I can reproduce this. It does usually happen a few times a week, but I know that the more that I am opening and closing windows and tabs is usually when this happens. Ill reply back here after I have tried a few things. I am however curious, while I agree that this does seem to be "system tray icon" related, how would logging out of the Maxthon account have anything to do with this? Having an understanding of this may help me to figure out exactly how to reproduce this issue. Thanks! 7twenty, May I ask where you were going with the language settings? I am not sure if you posted in the wrong OP or if you were trying to tell me something, but what ever it was you lost me lol
  12. When you right click a link, you only get one option to open in new tab... So I am sure about that..
  13. Hey guys! My two favorite helps! Hope yall are well! ... No.1MaxthonFan Ok, I found those options under the advanced options and no, none of them are checked. 7twenty I do not have a check in the box for Allow only one Maxthon window... So I have no check marks in any of the 4 options you both asked about. Not sure if that is good or bad, but it would seem that it hasn't made the possible answer very easy Thanks for the replies guy, any other ideas?
  14. Hi Guys, Ok, since some people here think I do not search the forums or Google before posting, I would like to start this post by stating clearly.. I HAVE SEARCHED BOTH THE FORUMS HERE AND GOOGLE!!! Sadly, I was not able to find anything that seems to address this issue. This either means that there isn't anything out there about this issue or the search criteria I used just did not match any of those that may be our there for this issue, so please then bare with it and please help me. So, here is the issue I have been running into with Maxthon. Let me start with some specs. I am using the latest Maxthon version available on the site on a Windows 8.1 64bit ROG Asus Laptop. What is happening is kind of odd so I hope I do a good job explaining the issue. I generally open Maxthon from the icon on the taskbar, though while I am surfing on the net, I will often right click and hit Open in New Tab. However, for some reason every so often, after a day of opening and closing Maxthon windows, I will notice that when I use another program and then want to go back to my Maxthon window which I know has a ton of tabs still open it appears to be gone. If I go look at my taskbar to switch back to Maxthon, it's icon is not shaded (when the icon is shaded, it kind of has a background shading to indicate that the program is up and running). If I click on the icon in the taskbar, a new Maxthon window opens, however, I was hoping it would open the Maxthon window as stated above that I know has a bunch of tabs running, though I know that when looking at the icon in the taskbar it does appear that Maxthon is close. So I close this newly opened, new, and clean window. If I use Alt+Tab to see all open windows, sure enough my Maxthon window that has a ton of tabs open does show and I can use Alt+Tab to get to it. This is the "issue" I do not understand. Why does Maxthon appear for all intents and purposed closed, clicking on the Maxthon icon just opens a new Maxthon browser window yet the window that I knew had to be chillin somewhere is there, but can only be reopened by using Alt+Tab? It's almost as if the Maxthon window gets orphaned. I can't think of any other way to describe the issue, if there even is an issue. A Maxthon window that is still open but has not way to get to it other then Alt+Tab........ I honestly can't recall any other program doing this to me and I am not sure exactly how this is caused. Has anyone else seen this or heard of this? It doesn't really cause and major problems cause once I realize what has happened, I have a work around, but the problem is, I have no way to re-associate the Maxthon window with any Maxthon icon, so while this window may still be running with all it's tabs doing whatever, no Maxthon icon claims ownership of the window so the only way to get back to the window is to Alt+tab which is where this problem does get a little frustrating. I would appreciate any replies...Is this something worth sending to Maxthon as a bug report? Not that I even know how to do that even if someone said yes! lol For those on the East Coast (New Jersey area), please be safe with all this snow and wind! I'm in central NJ and we already have over a foot and we are supposed to get anywhere for 2-3 feet with winds up to 60mph! I can't recall having a blizzard this much fun since the early 90's! I'm bummed cause they put us under a State of Emergency so now it's against the law for me to go and play with my new Toyota FJ Cruiser in 4x4 out in the snow! LOLOL Hey thanks again everyone!
  15. Ok, well this is even better! Thanks a ton Oliver One!!! For those that may not have seen that post, I copied the important part from 7twenty's post.. Edited by 7twenty at 2013-11-24 01:07 Some good news! I was in the Developer Tools (F12) looking at some coding for removing some ads, and was looking thru the Resources tab. Displayed in this tab is a section for cookies for the site open. It's simple to select all or some of cookies for that site and delete them. Not as user friendly as choosing a number of sites to delete, or excluding some, but it's a lot better than using SQLite browser as I and some others have been, or deleting all using the UI option. I tested it by deleting all the cookies for the forum.maxthon.com address/page and it worked fine. Obviously it's not recommended for anyone who isn't comfortable playing around with things that aren't made directly available by the dev's through the UI. Use at your own risk etc. Ok, so while no one has officially answered my second question, reading that second thread that Oliver One posted, has given me my answer. Rather then keeping the cookies in txt files in a specific directory, Maxthon places the cookies into an SQL database. This actually makes sense for performance reasons. While it is not as user friendly as having access to the txt files todo what you please, 7twenty's find makes it far more user friendly by using the resources tab rather than having to fire up something like SQL Lite. Again, as 7twenty mentioned, if you are not comfortable with using such advanced resources / tools, then please do not try to use this as you could cause unrepairable harm which may cause you to have to reinstall your browser, however, for us more advanced users this is perfect. Having said that, this answers my question as to why I am always seeing posts stating that Maxthon does not support tools for cookie support, however, while they do not support intuitive tools for cookie support, they DO in fact support it. In fact, using the resources tab you can even go as far as deleting the specific cookie from the database if you know what your looking at. Thanks Oliver One, you linked in a VERY valuable bit of information and I could not thank you more! I hope everyone here has a very Happy and Healthy New Year!! Cheers!