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Does anybody here use these menu items like "Save as image", "Add to Favorites", "Save all links", "Encoding" from the context menu?

"Save as Image" can be accessed from the toolbar or from the menu button when it's needed, "Add to Favorites" can be used from either the favorite button beside the address bar or from the favorites bar itself. "Encoding" was never a problem lately because almost every website prefers UTF-8 today and auto-detection is good enough for those that don't.

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Yes I do. Most of the functions you mention are the ones I use all the time. I even use encoding a lot because I surf a lot of Japanese web sites and changing the various japanese encodings sometimes improves the layouts. The functions I don't use in the context menu are View Source, Find in Page, Save all Links, Cloud Push to..., Inspect element and Properties. Encoding can also be found in the Tool Bar. It might be better to remove Print and Cloud Push to... from the context menu and put an icon in UI bar, Quick tools or side bar. Most browsers have a print icon in the UI bar.

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I think it's better developers think about considering compact context menu in Maxthon 5

extra less important options in context menu can utilize as just icons at top of it separately

For example these options in right clicking all can be moving into top icon menu at top of context menu



Add to Favorites



Save as

Save as image..


Find in page





Cloud push to




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