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  1. This worked for me:data:text/csv;charset=windows-1252,%FC;%E4;%F6This also works:data:text/csv;charset=windows-1252;base64,/DvkO/Y=
  2. Want to know my opinion on this? 1. There shouldn't had been support for CSS in the AdHunter in the first place, even the name implies that it blocks advertisements, not enhances pages with your custom stylesheets. If you need that feature that badly, you can use Stylish extension, which, in my opinion, does this job much better 2. If you're concerned about browser performance, you can disable ABP entirely, or only disable its EasyList subscribtion 3. I do admit that concatenating the separated custom rules for all domains into one big list was a step in the wrong direction 4. The updated ABP syntax is easier to use (for example you don't need to put asterisks before and after rules and || substitutes for "http(s)://(www.)", as well as file type filtering) Conclusion: I have a feeling everyone in this thread has a baby duck syndrome
  3. If you're logged in, open menu and at the top where your account name is, look for a cloud icon to the right and click it. There you can choose what to syncronize. It seems like the Quick Access syncronization is the most buggy (it's rare, but it can keep downloading the QA file non-stop)
  4. There you go, a bookmarkletjavascript:a=getSelection().getRangeAt(0).cloneContents().querySelectorAll('a');for(b=0;b
  5. It's laughable that you took your time and effort writing all of those smart words in your post
  6. There is a feature-less browsing mode already implemented in Maxthon since version 3. Open a tab that you want as a home page, right click that tab, select "Save as Quick App...", check "Send to destop" and there you have it. The tabs open in new windows, there are no extensions or ANY settings there, but it's also very fast
  7. If you mean the new tab, all of the links were moved to a new page, look at the bottom. I don't really see any similarities between the new quick access and windows 8 start screen, in Maxthon the tiles are rounded and have shadows, windows 8 has all of the tiles very close together and has white icons above every title
  8. Did you try double-clicking the form? Because I don't think you tried double-clicking it
  9. This actually happens if you set Flash wmode to "GPU" in YouTube Center extension. Set it to "Opaque" to fix this
  10. See this Chromium bug that was resolved this spring: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=168840 Viewport units such as "vw" and "vh" can be used in CSS to set size of elements (width, height, border-width, etc), the same way px, em, and % do. calc() can be used with those values if you need to express a value that consists from the mix of those units. So if you need a width that is 30 pixels smaller than 50% of the container, you could just do "width: calc(50% - 30px);". Viewport values have their uses as well, for example "20vw" always evaluates to 20% of the width of the document (not container) and can be used even in height of an element. However, these values don't return anything when you try to use calc() on them in Maxthon. Other browsers indeed do support it and it's even shown in one of examples in the W3C specification You can test it here (check the red box in developer tools, it shows an error): https://bug-94158-attachments.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=158661
  11. As you can see I have no problems on that page either. I remember there were other people posting a similar problem too
  12. Wasn't too hard to find from all the unblurred text on the screenshot: http://aidancbrady.com/mekanism/download/ And everything is working fine there, but next time don't make it next to impossible for us to reproduce by blurring your URLs
  13. This is another obscure issue of Maxthon. When Maxthon sees a character that is not in the selected font (the default I think is Arial, dont quote me on this) instead of outright displaying an empty box it tries to find a font that has this symbol, this is called font substitution. All is good up until this point. What you see in your example is some regular symbols together with combining unicode symbols "Combining low line" and "Combining overline". How does symbol combining work? Here's an example: "ẃ". I combined two symbols: the Latin small letter W and a Combining acute accent. That acute accent is actually a separate symbol and if you copy and paste it into a text editor and press backspace the acute accent disappears leaving you with only a letter "w". Now I'll try it with Latin capital letter W instead: "Ẃ". Notice how it's a little higher than it was before, here's the small W for comparison: "ẃẂ", the combining character adapts to the letter that stays before it (or sometimes after). Back to Maxthon, so we know how combining characters work, but why do they appear as boxes? Well obviously the font doesn't have these combining characters, but why doesn't it just use font substitution? Because that would be combining two fonts, and the combining characters can't adapt to the other font. Right, why other browsers display it correctly then? Because, surprise, they substitute the symbols beside the problem symbol as well so it doesn't break. So if one symbol in a word is not displaying properly in one font, and that symbol just happens to be a combining one, it would substitute the font for whole word. What I think Maxthon does is it substitutes the font for a single character and, because you can't put a combining symbol with no actual "non-combining" symbols around, it shows as an empty box.
  14. 7twenty replied at 2014-12-4 08:31 How big are the files that are causing issues? I've downloaded a number of files varying from 10-35 ... The files themselves don't have to be big, you just need to download them for long enough time for that to happen
  15. How is the new version going? Any updates?