All videos on facebook start playing automatically


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Hey guys, this just started happening recently. Probably from the last 7 days or so. Whenever I go to my news feed, if I scroll past a video it automatically starts playing. Anyone know how I can stop this from happening? Thank you!

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QIK5L replied at 2014-8-22 14:35 back.gif

there is a setting in the Facebook options to stop that under video, nothing to do with maxthon.

This is happening only in Maxthon, I tried it in Safari and the videos didn't play like that.

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Hi guys,

Thank you for your feedbacks.

The problem with facebook videos automatic play is not caused by Maxthon.

It's a new function introduced in facebook in order to make advisement for its clients. see more here

To avoid the automatic play of flash videos, you may need to install Flash blocker extension suggested above by Imanerd.

This extension blocks and prevents the automatic playback of Flash content.

You'll need to Click to play flash or flash video file.

Hope this information is useful to you.

Thanks for your support!

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