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  1. The shortcut for CTRL+F1 is still being hijacked by maxthon even if not set. I use shortcut CTRL+F1 for snapping screen regions with ShareX. But if i start Maxthon before ShareX it cannot register the shortcut, because Maxthon is blocking the global handler for CTRL+F1 shortcut. I've reported this issue over a year ago and it is still present in Please fix.
  2. Can someone tell me how to export passwords from maxthon
  3. I still find it perplexing, that one is not able to edit username and/or url of the entry. In older Maxthon iterations (last was MX4 I think), you were able to modify the URL and the Username. I've had many instances where I had to delete an entry and re-add it with only slightly modified username, just because I've changed email addresses or changed my username. The modification of URL is extremely important to me as well. In many instanced you hit "Save password in passkeeper" on a subpage when logging in and then you have problem logging in to a site. I've had issues where login url of a site sits on a one-time URL address (containing hash of login session) and I am not able to fill my pass in there. The functionality of editing username and URL of page should really be re-added. This issue was latest reported by me 1.5 years ago, then before it first reported by me over 3 years ago, and first it was reported by me over 5 years ago. Currently still missing in
  4. Hello; I'm using Windows 10 Pro I installed Maxthon latest version Maxthon Browser V6.2.0.900. Free VPN feature has been introduced in this version. Thanks for this feature. How do we activate this feature? I agreed to install VPN in the first install option. I couldn't find it in the settings and addons. Thank you
  5. In the olden days of MX 2 / 3 / 4 the password manager had option to edit URL for which the password will be filled. Currently this option is disabled. Also the password manager doesnt take the whole domain into account. It takes into account only domain of second level (domain.tld) and not any of the subdomains (subdomain.domain.tld). On subdomains, it shows passwords for the main domain and for all other subdomains which is really impractical. So, URLS should be editable in password manager and the password manager should take subdomains into account. I've requested this base feature that used to be present in the browser before only to be told that the request has been noted, but it still is not present. This is quite important to have working. PLease look at it.
  6. Dear Maxthon users, You may already know that we are developing next major update of Maxthon browser, Maxthon 6. Here I want to share something information about it, including its value proposition, and how we will develop it. Value proposition: For existing Maxthon users, Mx6 will keep all Maxthon5 data and implement most useful features from mx5, and providing much better website compatibility, full chrome addon support, useful chrome features. For all users, Mx6 will be the world first Bitcoin powered browser, enabling users to explore and participate the next generation of internet - Metanet. More information about metanet can be found at bitcoinsv.com . Develop: The main browser features of mx6 will be developed based on a deeply customized chromium code base and existing mx5 codebase. All bitcoin related features will be developed by Maxthon team. Mx6 also has an open API to enable other developers to integrate their code. At Maxthon, we want to design the application of the future. Starting from 2003, Maxthon has been in the frontline of web innovations, today, seeing a new web is hatching from bitcoin(blockchain), we want to invite all Maxthon users to join this extraordinary movement. We can discuss all related information in this thread. We can discuss bitcoin here as well, but to learn more about bitcoin and metanet, the best place is bitcoinsv.com Jeff
  7. Hi! I think this is the first time I post anything here. I been using Maxthon since it was called MyIE so... yeah, I'm a long, long, LONG time user (over 20 years). Chrome didn't exist back then Not even IE with tabs existed! Tabbed navigation, aliases, gestures... It was awesome. I was in love with it! I recommended it to everyone. So much innovation. I don't even remember which year I discovered MyIE. Maybe it was in '99? Good times, anyway! Awesome! Today I tried updating to MX6 but my page aliases are gone (I had over 50) and my custom search engines are gone too (I had over 40) . So, I have 2 computers. One at home, (I didn't touch that one yet) and one at work, which I use remotely and had MX4 for I don't browse much there. Today I tried upgrading to MX5 (then MX6 was the idea). After installing MX5 I opened it and left it running for over 4 hours to work updating the local data and stuff that it said it was working in background. After 4 hours, the favs and history still didn't appear so I closed MX5 and reopened it. It had created a new local user profile without anything except some synced data (MX4 was at C:\Program Files\Maxthon and MX5 decided it was good to install itself in C:\Program Files\Maxthon\Maxthon5). I uninstalled MX5 and reinstalled again OVER MX4 folder. My "good" profile still didn't appear and this time I didn't get the message that the local data was being updated or anything cause it just loaded the new profile. So I tried to uninstall MX5 again and ticked the option to delete all the user data (it must delete ONLY the MX5 data, right? Wrong. It kinda deleted everything named Maxthon on my hard disk, more or less ). Since I was effed up I installed MX6 and logged in. I'm using it now to cry type this. Of course, everything is gone there except passwords and bookmarks... It feels like an empty shell of what my fully customized browser was. This is sad (I'm kinda writing this jokingly, so don't take this post the hard way, but I'm also upset, still hoping this can be fixed! ). I still have my personal computer back at home intact with MX5 and all my beautiful personal configuration which used to sync/port beautifully when I installed MX5 back in the day (well, not quite, but I was able to work it out back then). I didn't upgrade to MX6 yet because "Blockchain. Why do I need that?" But Google accounts don't work anymore in MX5 so I'm using Chrome... Also MX5 did away with some features I liked in MX4 and I didn't want that again into MX6 so I kept MX5. Today I wanted to just use one browser. How can I export or get my aliases and search engines from my home MX5 into MX6 correctly? Can I port that to my Work PC? I'm an IT professional so feel free to get technical If this can't be done or has to be done manually one by one (I could, but) I'll sadly go to Chrome forever, find some extensions to do the aliases and searches, I already have extensions for the mouse gestures and the tabs behavior, so it can be worked out. At least it really syncs stuff when I sign in. It will be sad to leave but also Chrome works on Android while Maxthon.apk is too reduced to even be considered a browser, so the passwords saved on one and not the other and the page's incompatibilities are getting the better of me. I hope someone knows how to save the MX5 local profile data into the new version!
  8. In my company I use Maxthon logged as Guest. In the last three releases, the User Data folder seems to be corrupted. When I start Maxthon, every time I need to (re-)enter as Guest in the box, and all data that I saved before is lost. As I can not sign in Maxthon account due to company's restrictions, I was forced to back to This release is running OK.
  9. Dear Maxthon executives; I am using Maxthon Browser version V6.1.3.3100. My system is PC Window 10 Pro. My problem is: Unable to play videos on WhatsApp web. You can see the photo of the relationship. The same video plays on the mobile phone. This situation did not exist in the previous version. It's in the new version. It also plays on Google Chrome. So I think the problem is in Mathon, not PC. Thank you and special thanks to you BugSir 006. https://resimyukle.io/r/410Qn0NTEd
  10. Cannot log into Maxthon passport, no matter what I do. Not with multiple data clears and uninstall, not even on portable version (or different versions). Maxnote also ceases to work. Update check also fails. When I try to do passkeeper when I was logged in, it'd say "Network error [object Object]", so I signed out and cannot get back in and it gives that error whether wrong password or right. ) :
  11. Hello, I noticed while making bookmark changes that Maxnote is not syncing. Adds to local PC bookmarks do not show when I open Maxnote on my PC and changes in Maxnote do not reflect in my PC bookmarks. Doing a manual sync of my Maxthon account did give a Maxnote error on v6.1.2.3000. I updated to v6.1.3.3000 which no longer shows an error but the sync problem is still there. I do see local PC changes on my iPhone app. Maxnote changes from the local PC do not show up in my iPhone app. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Hi, recently, when I open the facebook site, it switches to a mobile site, See picture below. It states: Unsupported Browser. Then the core switches to retro mode. Where can I set MX6 so that it appears to be a modern browser?
  13. I try to download from this link: https://dl.maxthon.com/mx6/maxthon_portable_6.1.3.2605_beta_x64.zip but it's speed is very slow (it down grade from hundreds, then tens, then less than ten kb per second), and sometimes it's even hang there (speed 0). It wasn't this way before, what's wrong? I try other site's download in the mean time, they are all normal. I try MX6 no luck, then I try MX5, no lock either. The attached sreen is from MX5.
  14. Ages long time user of Maxthon here. Finally decided to move my activities away from the Microsoft spyworld to Linux. However, bad surprise. Maxthon for Linux has been stopped developing like 8 years ago, the old versions can't install because of dependecies (e.g. my distro's library libgcrypt20 is incompaible with the required libgcrypt11 in V.1.0.5 Maxthon for linux etc). And I could not get my already big and valuable logins data out from Passkeeper in order to import them somehow to e.g. Firefox on linux. Got only the asterisk hidden passwords by Crtl-C after selecting all lines. So I will have to manually read and copy/paste each single password into a file will take me a week. Too bad Maxthon ignores the Linux world, so the 'cloud' is rather limited.
  15. Say I want to make google transation extension added from Maxthon store appeared on sidebar (like before in old versions) instead on top of Maxthon 6 screen. How can I do this?
  16. My system is Win 10 Pro. I am using Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.1100. An undesirable situation has occurred with this version. On some pages, it asks for "Save Password" in the empty box, as you can see in the photo below. However, I am already a member of this site and I have a registered password. I think there is an error. Thanks
  17. Previously, for some login page, I choose not to ask saving anymore. How can I resume the asking behavior again? In MX5, I can right click to select 'save' option but MX6 doesn't support this function.
  18. Hello, I am using Windows 10 Pro. Maxthon Version: (64-bit) The links I added to Quicknote are not selected. So when I click on it, the link does not open in a new window. It's like this in 2-3 versions. It wasn't like this before. Previously, when I clicked directly on the link, not when I selected the link, the link opened directly in the new window. I tried turning off all plugins but it didn't help. I think there is an error. Thank you.
  19. Good afternoon, the confirmation code does not come to the phone to enter the "Passkeeper", it writes error 999 after pressing the "Send verification code" button
  20. After installing MX6, none of my search engine aliases are working, and all my saved search engines were deleted. It seems that the "alias" shortcut has been replaced with "keyword", but why did this not transfer over from MX5 to MX6? This is the kind of stuff that makes users not want to upgrade their browser to a newer version! MX5: MX6:
  21. Good afternoon, tell me please!? The browser version is the latest, I open bookmarks in the sidebar, when I click on the link, it constantly opens in a new active window! How to make it so that staying on the active tab, clicking on a link in the bookmarks does not go to this tab, but opens in the background?
  22. I previously asked why UUMail link was missing from startpage. I was told for security reasons, and now it needs to be accessed from https://www.uu.me/index.html?m=login&ret=web.uumail# But when I login with the correct password, I get this error.
  23. Is it possible to cast to a smart tv from Maxthon? I'm on version Thanks!
  24. To whom this may be for? I do not like using two browsers but now I have to. I can not watch Amazon Prime movies with Maxthon anymore it's not supported. Also I'm get alot of Your browser is not supported? So i have had to put Chrome on so I can see and do things now. I do not like this. Also for those that use the internet for free TV we are having to use a vpn now to get all of CBS channels. This also sucks. Is there away we can ad a VPN to maxthon browser for free? If there is can we do it PLEASE!