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  1. 1. Restore List is ridiculously narrow 2. MaxNote Popup doesn't have any sorting mechanism.
  2. I need some space...to move my windows 😁 There is very little space between 'new tab' option and 'customize ui' option. Add more please.
  3. I think it is essential to share (least view and comment) the application roadmap with some of the members. This way, it gives them the ability to track issues and recommendations. It will be more productive this way.
  4. This is plain chromium - Not sure how you want me to run this one - with or without extensions.
  5. Yes, status bar is active. Don't remember version but encountering this for around 3 weeks or so. I update to newer versions in hours. I am gonna try disabling status bar and see.
  6. Adblock, Dark Reader, Imagus, Enhanced Image Viewer, LastPass, SnapScreen, Video Speed Controller, Weava Highlighter
  7. Title suggests all. I open multiple MX windows to keep my workflows separate. The problem is with Restore functionality. All these opened windows have a shared restore list. With this, if I close a tab in one window, it will be appear in other windows' restore list as well. The problem here is it becomes difficult to keep track for my different workflows. Is it possible to have a different restore list for each windows? I do like that we can restore multiple tabs from (accidentally) closed window - keeping this functionality would be great at the same time.
  8. In my case, I am running Version (64-bit) 0730. I have some extensions running. I will try running without them and see if this happens to me. Like I said, this is not that frequent for me. In regards to extensions, I believe there must be some memory optimization for this extensions right?
  9. I will concur with others. In my case, it was rare 1-2 times in 30 days. It is typically exaggerated with having multiple windows and tabs left open. I think it is about memory and GPU related issues. Additionally, page loads had deteriorated for me - very unhappy.
  10. I am looking for a text highlighter extension that can remembers highlights next time when you open the page again; something like http://liner.link/ One that can saves and export highlights. Any suggestions. Thanks