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  1. Despite not liking installing programs that I won't use I decided to test IDM for myself to see if this is a repeatable issue. So here's what i've found out using Maxthon & IDM 6.21 Build 15. QuickAccess - no issues with QA not working/crashing, taking too long to start or loading pages etc. I only added a few sites to test with (might test more later on). Closed and restarted MX multiple times - all good. Misc download on startup - This seems to have been fixed in .2000. In all the tests i've done it never showed, only when going back to an older version did it happen. MX Downloader - using the ALT key to disable the IDM download detection allowed the MX downloader to correctly catch and download the link. No crashes or any other issues. This was using my standard MX portable install (with no passport account), and the default settings for IDM. While it's not 100% confirmation that there is no problem, I can't replicate it here. Based off that i'd say that there is something on your system or IDM settings that is causing the issues. If it was an inherent issue with MX or IDM it should show itself consistently across multiple systems. Also when testing make sure there aren't any other programs like virus/malware scanners running. They are forever causing issues on systems. Even better, test in Windows safe mode to ensure there is no random program running at startup. Please start maxthon as Administrator and try again or test, it solves the problem from the Downloads dialog and Maxthon's downloader in my computer.That's an interesting find. Your account is currently a standard or limited user?
  2. I've noticed lately I cannot right-click in YT's video screen and call up the Flash settings dialog box, nor YTs settings either (Copy URL etc). In HTML5 I see YTs dialog box. Unfortunately that's a known long standing issue. I notice that YT streams lots of small video files now (around 280kb each, according to MX's Resource Sniffer), rather than a large single one as it used to, and I wonder if this is linked to the problem; ie, constantly downloading, processing and stitching together lots of small videos whilst keeping audio and video in sync. Interesting pickup. You can disable this with Youtube Centre by unchecking the DASH Playback option in the External Players section. Will be interesting to see what happens.
  3. It seems it's related to the way Youtube requests the the Flash player be drawn to the page. Using YTC if you change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque then it works properly. The other options including the default Direct allow for better performance or GPU acceleration, which for some reason causes the issue. So either due to the way that Maxthon is detected it's being forced to use one of the other options, or Maxthon is forcing one of the other modes. Or it could be something else altogether. But a quick fix for now is install YT Centre and change the Wmode option to Transparent or Opaque.
  4. Do you use a passport account? If yes, don't sign in and test to see if it's some of your settings/data that is causing the issue. Others have mentioned some issues with IDM. Test with disabling IDM and see if the problems occur. As much as you might see it as a Maxthon issue, if other programs are interacting with MX, there is always the possibility they are part of the problem. I, and many others haven't had issues like that which leads me to believe that the issues are unique to your install/setup.
  5. Test with a clean install, or with the portable version. Don't sign in to your passport account or import anything. Just install/extract, run, and test with IDM. If it works with other peoples installs, chances are it's something on your system that's causing the issue. Just out of curiosity have you notified IDM about these issues, seeing as it seems they are somewhat related to IDM as much as Maxthon?
  6. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-11-14 22:55 For me it only happens when screen is not maximized, but of course it's 27". I'll have to try it ... Yeah, that's right. If the screen is big enough that the menu doesn't cover the video it isn't a problem. But for users with smaller screens or running MX in a smaller window it shows up. I had to window my MX to see the problem, otherwise it wouldn't have bothered me. In fact it was probably the first time I ever clicked that menu button as well! Regardless it's still a bug.
  7. Yes, ahem, it now appears that playing in IE exhibits the same issue. Damn. I had already tested this some months ago without issue but, damn. What to do now?So if it's now happening with other programs you'd need to start looking outside of MX. It could be a recent Flash player update has caused the issue. Test with using HTML5 instead of Flash player. Use the Youtube Centre extension to quickly enable and test with it. Also check for malware/viruses, disk scan in case of HDD errors. Is the CPU running at full speed and not throttled down for some reason?
  8. I use the portable version on my laptop, same result..OK, but the idea is to test with a clean install with no user specific data. Extract the portable version and just run it. Don't sign in, don't copy/adjust any settings, don't have any extensions running etc. I'm using the latest version but I have a custom user agent (needed otherwise I won't see the Youtube videos That's odd as I haven't had to use a custom UA for a few versions now. When was the last time you checked that it still didn't work without it?
  9. Jawad Khan replied at 2014-11-14 03:34 plz tell me why is this happening to me i was using this for 6 months and last week it gone corrupt ... If copies fail it's either because the file is in use, the file is corrupted due to a disk error/fault/ malicious program or interrupted disk write (eg power failure). Reinstall should fix the issues. I'd also be running a disk check to ensure that isn't the cause.
  10. The fact that it's working in older versions as well says to me that they've updated a file that Maxthon auto updates when it starts, or something to that affect. Or maybe Google fixed/changed something on their end and Maxthon is now getting all the credit? Probably a more likely scenario given that nothing has been stated officially yet?
  11. Yep, AdHunter is very powerful and can do much more than just block ads. The biggest issue is that if you don't know how CSS works it can be very daunting to get your head around it. Some well put together tutorials would be nice. There are some in the forums if you search for them. But it would be nice if there was a nicely curated resource stating this info.
  12. Can you elaborate on what it is you are trying to do? I've never heard of this address conversion thing?
  13. Use CTRL-F2 (snap whole page) which will image the entire page no matter how long it scrolls for.
  14. Your posts are showing that you're still using an older version of Maxthon? Update to If you are actually the latest version, make sure your Useragent is set to the default. If it still doesn't work, test with the portable version and don't sign in if you use a Passport account.
  15. Videos seemed to play fine for me. You say you are using (or have at least tried) the latest version of MX4, but the image is showing MX3 if i'm not mistaken. Unless you are using an MX3 style skin. Firstly try the most recent version (available here), and if you are using MX4 with a skin, try using the default one in case the skin is causing some of the problems. What's the memory use when playing the video? And do you for some reason have a lot of HDD activity when this happens? And your results of testing with other browsers on the same videos.
  16. What's it like with other browsers on the same system?
  17. This might not work, but is it possible to use AdHunter to override/disable that property? Doesn't fix the issue, but if that is all that causing the problem it is a workaround that should work, in theory at least?
  18. A little confused here? Seems to be fixed as stated by the above posters and myself, but doesn't work for Zugi? Why wasn't this listed on the changelog? Surely that's what it's for... listing changes for things that were fixed etc? Unless it's the document.load bug that was fixed?
  19. BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-12 13:02 Hi guys, Really sorry for the inconvenience. On my end, i can use mouse wheel in Google maps withou ... That's odd, I tested in IE and FF and it works fine, but MX doesn't. Win8.1 / default MX UA.
  20. Try this Violent Monkey extension: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-13215-1-1.html
  21. CTRL-SHIFT-D - Select the Quick Group option, OK. EDIT: fixed shortcut
  22. Download the Youtube Centre extension. Then in the repeat section on the side there is an option to enable "Auto activate repeat".
  23. Have you tried the latest release ( yet? I'm thinking something is conflicting with something as it seems very random. If you have any programs running in the background, close them and see if things change.
  24. So something has changed since this workaround. It seems the suggestions are no longer sourced online or they are and the block still works, but they've added a local list as well. Given that there is still no option to disable suggestions i've started looking for a means to disable them... and so far I can't seem to find or figure out where they're sourced or even how to just remove that from the dropdown. Any suggestions from anyone? Or even better, Dev's give us an option to enable or disable them at our own discretion!! I don't need to see some random sites in my addressbar dropdown that I probably never want to visit anyway.