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  1. Still not working: mouse wheel scroll does not zoom in / out in google maps (ultra mode). Mx on Win7 (64)
  2. That's awesome, thanks a lot! I didn't know I could add css rules in AdHunter! I thought these rules were really designed as blocking rules, but in this case, the css is actually applied to the website, rather than blocking. I've been looking for AdHunter help on the Mx support pages, but I didn't find more than a video explaining the obvious use cases of it.
  3. thanks for the answer, but I don't see how you could override/disable a css property with AdHunter? I have been trying to override the property via the Dev tools, but there seems to be no way to save the changes and replace the css file with the local changes the next time the url is called. In Chrome, there's an option "Map to file system resource" in the Sources > Sources panel, but this option is not available in Maxthon.
  4. I'm using at work and at home. The problem is the same in both.
  5. Thanks again for your feedback! I do see the fonts in the Resources tab. But I noticed something else: it is the text-rendering property that makes the text disappear. When I disable it, the text is visible! 1039210393
  6. Thanks for your feedback! The fonts that are used are very standard: helvetica, .... When looking with the dev tools, I see the size of the hidden elements is 0px wide (see first screenshot), while in Chrome, the example shown is 81px wide. 1037410375
  7. In the user dashboard on jsfiddle.net (requires user login), some texts are not displayed in ultra mode, making the dashboard unreadable. The below screenshots show the appearance, 1st in Maxthon, and 2nd in Google Chrome with the missing content visible. Seems to be a css display issue.