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  1. Wilser replied at 2014-11-16 18:03 Hola, puede intentar darle solución aplicando los siguientes pasos: - Deshabilite las extensiones ... Wilser veo que tu versión de maxthon es mas reciente que la mía ( ¿Te la bajaste de la página oficial o se te actualizó solo?
  2. That's an interesting find. Your account is currently a standard or limited user? I am a Standart user, I guess
  3. Friends update!! Please start maxthon as Administrator and try again or test, it solves the problem from the Downloads dialog and Maxthon's downloader in my computer.
  4. 7twenty replied at 2014-11-14 13:13 Do you use a passport account? If yes, don't sign in and test to see if it's some of your settings/d ... Same problems. I try to start Maxthon as Administrator, and now, all problems are solved :s I am scared. how I can execute my maxthon without admin privileges? How can I do?
  5. Amigos prueben ejecutando Maxthon con privilegios de administrador.
  6. I have the same problem with Maxthon Cloud 4.4.3 and IDM 6.21 Build 7 I made the test exactly how 7twenty says, and is the same thing... I believe that Maxthon 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 have bugs that are not solved.
  7. Good Morning! I will highlight three issues that have me green with maxthon version which apparently is "semi-stable" if not stable: First in the download dialog, this always ends hanging and closing, so I download everything to IDM, and as everyone knows this is a nuisance because IDM has no full support for Maxthon (Also I like the dialog download maxthon because I can open a downloaded file without having to force myself to keep it). The second is that it is an inevitable annoyance that when I open my Maxthon, ALWAYS spend 3 seconds or less and ends just closing, and this is a loop un
  8. ¡Buenos días! Voy a destacar 3 problemas que me tienen verde en esta versión de maxthon que al parecer es "Semi-estable", por no decir Inestable: Primero en el diálogo de descargas, siempre se esta colgando y termina cerrándose, por lo que yo debo descargar todo con IDM, y esto como todos saben es una molestia porque IDM no tiene soporte completo para Maxthon (Ademas a mi me gusta el dialogo de descargas de maxthon porque puedo abrir un archivo descargado sin tener que obligarme a guardarlo). Lo segundo es que es una inevitable molestia que cuando yo abro mi Maxthon, SIEMPRE pasan 3 segu