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  1. Another bump, my favorites are also showing in the address bar when I have them set to not show up.
  2. Bump, still having issues, even after installing
  3. The default settings for UA uses Chrome 26. I tried changing it to 40 and 42, but that didn't work. However, as BugSir005 said, the core does not support it. When it does though, find the latest build number and change it to that in the UA settings, it might work.
  4. I did a fresh install and the website issues are fixed. However, YouTube videos resize themselves, when searching on Google the words still scroll up in the search box, and I am now having window resizing issues now as well having tabs open twice among other related issues.
  5. I have not, will try that. I did encounter another issue where YouTube videos will scale down to a very small zoom level when opened. It is easily fixed by resetting the zoom to 100%.
  6. Retro mode did work although it's still partially broken, just not as much. I also had another issue that pertains to searching in Google, when I would go to edit keywords for a search the text would scroll up in the search box to where it could not be seen, never saw this before and it occurred on the beta as well as this new version. As for a specific link: aliexpress.com or itao.com
  7. This isn't a major issue, but Ali Express and iTao are broken for me. They load fine, but I cannot click on anything. It has partial functionality, but not full functionality. This happened with the recent beta and latest version.
  8. Looks to be Kaspersky causing the problem, it doesn't seem to be compatible whatsoever. Adding it to the exclusions and disabling any interaction did not entirely work, it allowed pages to be loaded but was significantly slower.
  9. 17631156 replied at 2014-11-8 16:44 I reset WINSOCK, will see if that helps anything...but still need help. Also did some other small th ... This did not work, also fooled around with the UA and got some results but cannot reproduce it now.
  10. I reset WINSOCK, will see if that helps anything...but still need help. Also did some other small things like run as admin, run with different compatibility settings, etc.
  11. Took a while for the issue to present itself (no clue how to trigger it manually) but it did happen with the portable version as well. As for a proxy, I never use a proxy and have the proxy turned off. I can see socks5 is a proxy, and would prefer not to use one as some sites/services I use security reliant upon IP and I'm not about to give access to a random IP.
  12. Deleting the browsing data did nothing, still need a solution to this.
  13. I also came across the same Google results and didn't see anything relating to sockets anywhere. As for other browsers, it doesn't happen with them. I've deleted all browsing data, hopefully that works.
  14. This happens across all sites as well as history, settings, etc but not all of the time for those. I reinstalled and it fixed nothing, the first thing that happened was the issue. Weirdly enough, it has no problem loading a locked page.
  15. Whenever I leave the browser or stop using it for 5 minutes or more I come back to the browser not loading any pages at all and resulting in the following error: Error code 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED) The only solution I have found it to completely end all Maxthon tasks and disable and re-enable my adapter. Is there any way to actually fix this? I have tried the latest non-beta version as well as the latest beta version and it happens on both.