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  1. Unfortunately you will have to use Retro Mode until Maxthon 5 is released. I use Retro Mode all the time for Chase.com and it works flawlessly.
  2. Yes, Windows 10 does have similar themes. Here are what's available for me.
  3. Ok, on my Windows 10 machine Build 14372, and in full screen mode on You Tube, no task bar is visible. Just make sure you move your mouse cursor out of the playing area.
  4. Had no problem downloading a 10GB file. What version of Maxthon are you using? Have you tried with other browsers?
  5. @magg you are going to get in trouble with the "Bugs"
  6. Chantao, I was being facetious in that post. I just forgot to put the at the end.
  7. Super, now be prepared to be astonished when Maxthon 5 is released.
  8. Did you register here? http://www.maxthon.com/mx5yure/ If not, please do and use the email address you use to log in to your Maxthon Passport.
  9. But if no one else can duplicate your problem, it is more than likely one of your settings. Throughout the entire video in full screen I experienced no symptoms like those you are describing. The video playes flawlessly.
  10. Beautiful video, but had no problem playing in full screen.
  11. We are waiting for the final word on this. Assume that it is going to continue to be completely FREE until we tell everyone something different.
  12. Your direct link to that Microsoft video of course does work, the other one, the .m3u8 file does not play for me either, only in Retro Mode, but it does play fine in other browsers.
  13. Unfortunately, we are not 100% sure how the VIP situation is going to work going forward and are waiting for clarification. As soon as we get more information, we will make sure everyone is made aware of exactly how the VIP status is going to work. So please stay tuned, we should have more information in a day or so.
  14. I haven't taken the time to check all my settings or try the Portable to see if that works, but I play all the videos and GIF's on Twitter without a glitch. I haven't tried with the latest version of Windows 10 that was just installed, but I will and report back. Here's a Microsoft video that when I scrolled to it, it automatically started playing.
  15. Not correct. I have absolutely no problem playing video or GIF's on Twitter. So there is something wrong with your set-up.
  16. I honestly don't know of any browser that will allow you to change the extension and still have the downloaded file work properly. Any time I have tried it, it has failed, with any browser.
  17. And I also hope people are not just saying they had registered early enough to get VIP3 status. I hope that can be checked too.
  18. The page has been hacked. Wait until they fix it.
  19. They are aware of the problem and as soon as there is resolution we will try to let everyone know.
  20. They are aware of the problem so please be patient. As soon as they find out what is wrong, we will try to let everyone know.
  21. Ok, we have been having problems and they are looking into it right now, so please be patient. As long as you didn't get any error message, you should be OK. We will let you know what the result is.