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    Well, it was you who pressed the key, wasn't it.?? (^^,)
    As the sayings go... Don't take candy from strangers.
    Use the Brain.EXE, the best Free Firewall and Anti-Virus there is. ( aka Use your Common Sense )
    For example a Trojan horse...
    You don't tell it to fix up your PC...
    But it Does.

    And people that says, they NEVER have a Virus ect.
    Never use a Anti-Virus program.
    So before you turn any screw,
    or loosen any bolt,
    check the Nut behind the keyboard.
    The biggest security hole is always between the chair and the keyboard. (^^,)

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Titanic was built by professionals.
Noah's Ark of amateurs.


5xfk6bl.gif  Keep calm, make it simple, use your Brain.exe, don't freak out, and you'll be just fine... griyTeI.gif UzmmKNU.png


Read before posting.  


Search in the forum before you post. Read all the Sticky.

It got Elephant nasal mucus at the back, so it always stays put. (^^,)


Search and read the forum before you post a new topic
to make sure that your question has not already
been answered in another topic.
Don't make a double post, just because your question,
hasn't been answered straight away.
Give others some time to answer.
Read before you post, and read what you have written, before you send it.
If you need to edit what you have sent, then use the Edit Button.


Create a useful topic title. Short but precise.
Titles like "Help" do not explain the problem,
and please without Caps Lock on....
Do yourself and others a favor, by creating a useful title for your topic.
Inside the topic, write what you have done,

any error message, what program you use, have tested with, etc.
Describe the problem, as good, as you can.
More information increases the probability of better help.


More good Info. on you problem. Gives faster and more effective help.

If not, then I'm getting as confused, as a baby in a topless bar. (^^,)

You got to provide more details, as we are not coming over to your house, to help you.

We need something, that my mom can use. (^^,)



Help Links for Maxthon and Nitro :


View Help Topics - Maxthon Community

Maxthon Troubleshooting & Tips and Tricks - General Discussion

• Extension - {Script 1.2} Microsoft Translator Toolbar for Maxthon 4 and Nitro - Extensions

WinPC Issue - Favorites (how to remove Dead Links) - General Discussion

Nitro Issue - How to change default search engine ? (Google to Bing) - General Discussion

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Help Links for Flash Player and Videos :


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YouTube Center DB 493 (Multilingual) - Extensions Center


Help Links for Maxthon problems, Virus, Malware, Etc. :


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Good Help Links, on the Inter Web :


Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Safer (block for Ad's - Malware - Etc.) - ( version = is more effective)
HTML color codes and names - (for Background Color in Forum Text)

SystemLookup - Startup List (catalogues startup applications - not running processes)

Mini Tweak your PC Guide : Running more steady and fast, for all Windows versions. ~> See in the bottom of this page.
http://www.ohke.dk - Homepage in Danish
So you may need this, to read it in English, Chinese, Spanish, etc...
Microsoft Translator Toolbar for Maxthon 4 and Nitro - Extensions - Maxthon Community
Language Labs - Translator Bookmarklet - This is just a drag and drop install = fast and easy. 
Windows 7 Mini Tweaks & Tuneup -Tips and Tricks, no Overclock of your PC. - Works for all Windows versions.
MSCONFIG? Oh No!! - Use CCleaner instead.

The next live image is
a dead herring.

The first step is always the hardest, not knowing something has never stopped you before.!!
Good Advice = Think Twice and be Nice. = Use the Brain.exe = Think before you Type or Post.
A forum post should be like a nice girls skirt.
Long enough to cover the subject material, but short enough to keep things interesting.
I always answer, before I'm asked. Therefore, there is never stupid questions, only stupid answers ...
The only stupid questions are the ones left unasked.
I Only Know What I Know, But I'm Learning all The Time.
I only know enough, to know, that I don't know, how much I don't know.
To Think or not to Think: That is the real question.
A wise man speaks because he has something to say.
A fool speaks because he feels he must.
He who does not protect his privacy, has none.!!
~ Disclaimer ~

I give 2 years warranty on all the comments ...
And takes reservations for any peculiar typos and sometimes comic phrases.
By reading this users post, you agree that he is not responsible,
for any mental problems his posts may caused on you.

What's the best way to encourage feedback.?? Simple ; Do unto others.! etc...
Good friends are the family that you choose.
Friends are like stars, they come and go but the ones that stay are the ones that glow.
A candle loses none of its light by lighting another candle.
Everything comes to the man who knows How to wait.
There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
Best  Regards ~Ohke
Member of Googlefinders.com - We find YOUR stuff on Google! 125gzmo.gif
Member of Forumfinders.com - We find YOUR stuff on Google too !
A Golden Google'r, that's the next step up from Silver Surfer.!!
But now I have a permanent IP Ban from Google. For to much searching.
Me transmitte sursum Caledoni.

This is the help for SapioiT at

• [WinPC Issue] Initial loading time... - General Discussion
I can also recommend a Clean Install of your Mx Browser, use Revo Uninstaler for this, as it's also cleans up in the registry data base (in a safe way).
But remember to Backup your Mx Files and Folders (also the one in the AppData Folder >  C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3 ).
Revo Uninstaller - Free or Pro, just as good. ~ Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems
Remember that 1200 or more Bookmarks and / or to many extensions running, will always slow any Browser down. Temp files in the PC and Browser do it too...
(about your "Last Session" lost, slow your Mx Browser shutdown, with a making in "Warn on exit - Ask for confirmation on exit, when multiple tabs are open" in Settings > General)
But you may try this first, to see if it's help on your problems, with loading time etc.. I know this will speed up your PC and Bandwidth connection, have done this for a long time. (^^,) 
Sorry for all this reading. But I don't know who might read this some day, in the future to. 
That if they are any good, to work on there PC's or not, this is why I typing all this, so even a Noob, a Newbee or a semi Pro. can do this, in a safe way.
Some of the Tips, you may know all-ready, others you may not know.

Why then do all this.??  It's for getting a more rapid Start-up and more System Resources set free.
So the PC is running more stable and can make more things = it gets a better performance.
Eliminate some useless data, unnecessary services and uninstalls, that do not remove everything completely.
As there will be more programs on your PC, then some of them will make the PC slower and at worst case, makes a conflict with each other.

This is done to bring new machines Start-up, down from about 3-4 minutes. From Power ON, to first Mail,
to cut it down to about 1-2 minutes, or even more.
This is something that might be done, for example at Hospitals, Research Locations and in the National Defence, etc..
A waste of time, that could safe life, if it was brought down.

And if one of these program freezes, then it seems that you have a lot of Programs / Services / Process's running at the same time, so your PC can't cope all that, in the end.
You need to free up some of your precious System Resources, how to do this, is this way... Remember, less open programs next to the clock (sys tray) = Faster PC / Opstart etc...
First go to this Post and use from Point 1.) to 3.)... For your Networkcard setting, Router and the use of CCleaner for Cleaning and PC's Upstart programs...
So I don't have to type all that in again. (^^,)
[WinPC Issue] Lag Issues on Youtube HD videos (flash only) - General Discussion 
4.) AFTER CLEANING Etc., then get this good and free program Puran Defrag v.7.7, to optimize your PC and especially for your MFT file if this file is in 3, 4 or 9 parts.
Then almost all things may run. = As fast as a gouty snail, with a mobility walker. (^^,) Not good at all...
The MFT file belongs to the Open files there is, in a running Windows, Windows it self can't Defrag them, so use this Program to make a Boot DeFrag of all the open files.
• Puran Defrag - Automatically Defrag your Hard Disk Drives 
♥ Can also DeFrag single files via Right-Click on them. And many more good things.
♥ For example, Delete Temp files before Analyze and DeFrag, etc...
5.) VISUAL EFFECTS IN WINDOWS 7 - Remove some of the Eye Candy = System Resources released = Instant and more steady performance.
This gives an effect right on the spot and it's without rebooting the PC = Faster PC. (Under System Properties> Advanced)

This is the path > Right click > My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Performance - Settings > Custom: > and Mark [V] only in these 6-7 locations > Apply > OK
(Those with * = asterisk on, can be switched off, if you want even more performance and not using Aero Glass effect etc.,
or just for Max. performance by simply select the radio button Adjust for best performance).
The six-seven settings turn'd on, are these:
[V] Enable Aero Peek *
[V] Enable transparent glass *
[V] Enable desktop composition
[   ] Animations on the taskbar and Start menu * < turn this of anyway.
[V] Use visual layout styles on windows and buttons
[V] Smooth edges of screen fonts - (this is good to put on, if you have an LCD flat Monitor)
[V] Show thumbnails instead of icons
6.) The PC's SERVICES - Tweaking Services, is designed for geeks and tweak Enthusiasts alone. Others may want to stay a long way, away from it.
Windows 7 is tweaked much in advance, from the first Install (Default), there are few services needed to set to MANUAL or Deactivated. (In XP, there were 19 in Vista 100)
NOW do a System Restore Point ESPECIALLY HERE BEFORE you change anything.
IMPORTANT, do not turn all the services of, from which you know nothing about, Windows needs a lot of them and some, are dependent on each other.
CHECK FIRST - ALWAYS ... For I will NOT be responsible for getting your PC to go R.I.P..    It's you, who pressed the button, not me. (^^,)
I don't like people who screams "Hells Bells and a Bucket of Blood" at me... (^^,)
OBS!! A normal System Restore Point is so-so, better to do is a Complete Restore Point, via typing REGEDIT  in Run... and store it in a place, where you can find it quick.
♥ mark Computer > Files > Export > type in date and a easy name > mark Export ALL > Save
NOTE: Always set a service to MANUAL, never Disable it.   So Windows will be able to start a service again = easy start and be used.
If you set a service to DISABLED, Windows will or may NOT, be able to start it up again and that might provide some error messages.
Now write it down on an A4 sheet. What you change to Manual and which you Stop or Disable. (better safe, than sorry)
Check here on this page and use the Google search it before you stop a service, set it to Manual before completely disable it, in any service at all...
Black Viper’s Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Service Configurations ~ See below Default and Tweaked, for your OS (Home Basic, Ultimate, etc.).
Can anyone send me a list of default services - Windows 7 Help Forums (this can help you also, for Default setting)
All PC's are different, you may have other applications, and another OS version than I have (my is Win. 7 Ultimate, 64-bit).

Last Warning.!!
It's true, that you don't know what you have, until it's gone.
But it's also true, that you don't know what you're missing, until it arrives.

The fact is, that we have to milk the cow while it's hot. (^^,)

Now these Services are safe to be Stopped and set to Manual :
Adobe Flash Player Update Service: MANUAL & Stopped.
You just do a manual update now and then, no need for it to run 24/7. You can still update via Control Panel or a Bookmark. 
• Machine Debug Manager: MANUAL & Stopped.
Unless there is a bug, no need for debugging. It is used to help troubleshoot scripting errors in Internet Explorer.
Automatic configuration of 802.3 network: MANUAL & Stopped. - For Wireless Network.
Since I do not use anything Wireless (it is also a security risk if it is not Encrypted), I have stopped this service.
So if you use something Wireless Gear, then now it might not be locked down from here. Ehh...??
So think, before action thanks... One, does not need to be inactive, at the end of the neck. (^^,)
Service Tablet PC Input: MANUAL & Stopped.
Enables Tablet PC-pen and PC-handwriting functionality. Do not have a tablet on the PC, then just disable.
Windows Firewall: MANUAL & Stopped.
Since I have COMODO Firewall I have set it to Manual, for any day I need to shut Comodo, for a moment.
Do you have a proper firewall, disable Windows Firewall, or sneak it in again.
• ETC. Etc. etc. etc. etc.
Now these Services are safe to Deactivate (if your sure you don't use any of it) :
Remote Registry: DISABLED.
This is one of those you do not want running in services. One of the first to be deactivated on a home network.
If you are paranoid about security, disable this service. Even if you are not, or are totally indifferent, disable it anyway.
In a corporate network, this service is useful to remotely manage and secure computers as a system administrator can type into your computer
registry. In a private network, the service quietly deactivated.
 • Routing and Remote Access: DISABLED.
Offers routing services to businesses in LAN and WAN environments. Through a modem, or otherwise, are also used locally to standard VPN.
SNMP Trap I do not use for anything. Receives trap messages that are created by local or remote SNMP agents, etc ..
 • Bluetooth Support: DISABLED.
I have no Bluetooth on the PC, only in my PDA and it do not need the contact to the PC via Bluetooth (use USB cable).
 • Service Media Center Extender: DISABLED.
I do not use Windows Media Center to something, so therefore it's closed down.
 • Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service: DISABLED.
You just saved 2 seconds in Boot Startup and more PC Resources are free for you.
Windows Media Player is prevented from interfering in ALL Audio & Video, when you have a better player installed.
For example. Media Player Classic - Home Cinema, Splash Player Lite or VLC.
  • WLAN AutoConfig: DISABLED.
Since I do not use any Wireless Router, nor has a WLAN card in the PC, nor any home network.
Have always avoided everything called Wireless due to Poor security, but most of the poor contact, stability and speed.
ETC. Etc. etc. etc. etc.
OBS!! IMPORTANT RESTART PC HERE, or this optimization does not work.
This must be plenty for now in this Tread, you can always find more help for this Online and via my Profile Page (the top links)...
Now you're 95% smarter than Eggnog... (^^,)
Best regards Ohke
(~'~,) Humm...