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  1. HI BenReiley, would you like to add the BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you some Vpoints. ?


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    2. BenReiley


      Ok... so what exactly do i need to do? Cause i do not wanna deal with real life money that is dangerous.. i heard people lost their houses with these blockchain apps etc. Do you have an online tutorial that i can read about this topic? Or a video on youtube that goes in depth on this?

    3. BugSir006


      Hi there, it is virtual coin, you can just receive the Vpoints, it won't affect your real life. ?

      You can follow the Nbdomain on Twitter.


    4. BenReiley


      Hello.. sorry i didnt respond that was because i was in a little messed up situation where i couldnt really get online cause of i was travelling cause somebody i know in another country needed me and i needed to bring them medicine and the government wouldnt let me travel so i had to go off the grid in order to get to that country but now im back.. and i got online once or twice to check up stuff but yeah.. im back online and sorry if i took so long... but yeah.. if you are willing to give those points then im oke.. if not then thank you for offering in the first place...