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  1. Hello... why is there not a "delete" option to click in the right click menu? Can it not be done or something? Is it not possible or something? Cause i see in chrome and edge they also refuse to put it as if it is not needed.. i actually like it.. can you not put it in? Is it hard to put in? I hope you guys at MX6 know that this browser is supposed to be a Maxthon browser... i like the chrome idea but maxthon options would be better... a "scroll bar" so i can scroll through my favourites would also be nice... (Maybe yall should check the beautiful "settings screen" of slim browser.. it was fir
  2. After a lot of tinkering around i found out why my google search was freezing for the few first seconds ... yall changed this in the default search engine "manage engine" if you change it to "" i get chinese if you make it longer then it is needed for me to run smooth it will make my MX6 freeze every time i use google search "open drag text in new tab" when i use this with your default configuration then my MX6 freezes for a while.. maybe 5-6 seconds which is a life time in the internet world So i changed that back to the one i had before which is "
  3. Hello i have a question.. when i want to downgrade my browser from "Version6.1.1.500(64-bit" it doesnt start up the entire MX6 will stop working and is in the background apps on but i cant get it to work... i want to go back to 2200 to test something to see if it is the browser or something else...
  4. It was an extension i will now turn if off and see for a day if i do not get that virus detect anymore.. the other person gave me a hint and when i turned of that google extension the virus detect was gone.. now i will see for a whole day.. and i installed of AVAST... file shield, web shield, mail shield, ransomware shield, browser cleanup, do not disturb mode...
  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH AAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA, SNAAAAAP.... HAHAHAHHAA. YES it WAAAAS an extension hahahaha.. aaaaaw man.. i can STAAAAAAAAAAAAY on MX6 HAHAHAHA.. i was already looking for a new browser cause it was driving me craaazy.. every google search i did i get that DING DING DING DING.. very loud and it was sooooo irritating ooooh man.... am I LUCKY i asked here about it... thank you for clearing that up.. haha... well? im back to using MX6 with a breeze and ease.. .hahaha.. thank you... good day... It fixed the google search virus detect and the media market infini
  6. (i am not screaming when i put an individual word in all caps, i am merely putting focus on that particular word, nor am i angry) Hello can some one help me with this VIRUS in MX6 when i use google with MX6 i get a VIRUS THREATH BLOCK but when i use another browser in this case "comodo dragon browser" and also chrome but i didnt use that in this video cause it is the same result.. and also opera and slimjet and edge and firefox and even IE.. i can just use google without some weird virus popping up.. this makes MX6 useless for me and it is messed up cause i have been faithfully using Maxt
  7. Hello can i ask something? I keep getting a virus pop up when i use google with MX6 but with other browsers i do not get this.. this is going on for i think 2 weeks now.. i thought i had a bad URL somewhere in my favorites in my browser... so i didnt say anything but then i found out that when i use the other browsers to do google searches i do not get a virus pop up from my AVAST and this never happened before Can you maybe help me why i am getting a virus detect every time i use MX6? It says "" threat blocked and it only happens when i use google in MX6 cause if i go t
  8. I just installed the version you told me to and i have the same issue media_markt.avi
  9. Hello.. i have another error i found.. when i go to this site i can not go to page 2 .... if you try and go to page number 2 to see more items to buy then it will keep on loading for ever this glitch is in all MX6 versions i didnt say anything cause i just use another browser to browser stores cause sometimes MX6 glitches in online stores and i dont want anything to mess up...
  10. Hello.. can i ask something? Can you put this feature in MX6... it was already in MX4 and MX5 so can you now put it in MX6? It is called a "search box" I want to help make MX6 better cause now? slimjet and opera are running smooth on a 100% and with 0% issues... MX6 has issues cause it is a beta and a self made browser not backed up by millionaires (or at least a company that has millions or billions of dollars) but rather a few people that just want to make a browser or so i think.. im not sure who or what is behind Maxthon but i dont think billionaires are behind the scenes... or are there?
  11. It happened again .. it just switched and flipped into this All of a sudden... i do not know why and how... I actually found out what it was.. it was in the settings under "default engine" it said that was making it go to china.. which was just irritating cause i can not read chinese.. this world is actually foolish.. instead of teaching us these
  12. I will.. once that glitch happens again.. i will come here immediately...
  13. It already is... so that is why i am asking myself why does it change to chinese when i do an image search ...
  14. Ooooooooh.. oke... the old MX4 could still do it though.. so in MX5 and MX6 you have decided to obey the law huh? Ok... i understand now.. well i will have to use other stuff then... thanks for letting me know so i dont have to scratch my head why i cant get MX5-6 to download youtube videos anymore like i used to on MX4... --------------------------------------------------- by the way... this version of MX6 "MX6 PC Beta Release" This version froze up my browser and didnt wanna restart it again so i had to uninstall the entire MX6... and then reinstall version "2300"...