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  1. Yes the vertical scrolling is nice but the horizontal is faster and better and is what everybody was asking in the first place but i have noticed that you can not deliver on that because "chrome" is "not" able to be programmed to work that way with a horizontal scrolling bar and you know this I wonder why you just dont tell the people that it is "impossible" to do that instead of saying we will add it in another update that is false advertisement you need to be sued and put in court for that, haha, just making a joke, but yeah.. it is how ever false advertisement and giving false hope cause you know you can not deliver on that promise but yeah the vertical scrolling bar, i need more time to say for sure but for now? The horizontal scrolling bar of MX5 is the fastest, best, more convenient, easier accessible, smoother, quicker to find stuff, better overall... To bad you told us that you will give us meanwhile you can not cause you cant program it to do horizontal scrolling in the bookmarking bar... But yeah.. i need to use the vertical more in order to really judge it but for now? MX5 horizontal scrolling bookmark bar is better too bad yall wanted to be modern and go for chrome, chrome is nice looking but MX5 was original, MX6 is better then chrome because of the featurings but misses a lot of the chrome featurings too for example the settings in chrome is waaaaaaaaay more then the settings in MX6... since this is a chrome why dont you put all the settings of chrome in MX6 plus the MX6 ones and make it even better then chrome cause now it is like 120% better then chrome but if you add all the settings of chrome to MX6 IT WOULD BE 200% better maybe even 250% or EVEN 300% HAHAHA.. dont you want that? (smile)
  2. Hello... I would like to know how long MX6 is going to stay in beta mode? And when an official release will come with the "scrolling bookmark" cause i just downloaded the beta and i see some flickering issues.. so yeah.. when is an official release coming with the "scrolling bookmark"? Or do you not know? "And just a notice that i have seen.. i have seen that many users ask for a horizontal scroll bar in the bookmarks and yet you do a vertical so my conclusion is "you can not do it or it is not possible for you to do it" because why would you go against your users requests unless you can not deliver on the product that the users want" Is it not better to say that you "can not" do it because it is not possible or you just do not know how to do it with MX6, Cause in MX5 we had a side scroll bar that was horizontal and now we get a vertical bookmark scroll... oke ...it is however better then the new tab bookmark that was just horrible haha.. but yeah.. I would love an official release with the "vertical bookmark scrolling" cause i see the screen flickering when i go to menu with the " version" Anyway.. have a nice day... (I hope i get my extra search bar cause i have been waiting now since 2019 for that extra side search bar, haha.. thats kinda long haha, it is almost 2022... i know it takes a LOT of work designing a web browser and a new one cause yall never used chrome but yeah.. a search bar is still desired you know, haha...) Good day...
  3. Oooh THANK YOU VERY MUCH for showing me an example hahaha.. I will download this version then... thank you... this looks better then the chrome one which is very slow and just a pain.. ill test this one to see if it is better ...it looks better though... have a nice day further...
  4. And thanks for the "yoodownload.com" Vertical? Like chrome? That is even a more pain haha.. i rather like horizontal like in MX5... horizontal from left to right.. vertical is not fun and isnt fast enough.. but i wanna see it before i try it. How can i see it in action first before trying it?
  5. I would also like this bookmark scroll bar again cause i "hate" the chrome search and find bookmark it takes too much time and i never use it cause i hate it but i want to use it but it just takes time going to another tab and then searching no.. i want the old MX5 way of searching the bookmarks.. are you guys working on another MX5+ or MX7 or something? Could you go back to your original way of making a browser then? MX6 is fine but google is preventing me from downloading from youtube with their extensions and firefox is not.. i can download whatever i want with videodownload helper on firefox but not on MX6 ...so yeah.. "if" you were to make another MX5+ or MX7.. this chrome thing? is nice but it is too hard for yall to actually program i see cause the extra search bar is too hard and takes long i asked this 1 year or 2 ago so i stopped asking and the bar scroll to the left and right on the bookmarks i also asked a year ago at the same time and it is now 2022 almost.. and i ask this in 2019 if i am correct or at least begin 2020 I still use MX6 daily but i use the "Version 64-bit" cause the other versions use too much of my CPU and i hear my CPU spinning like a MAD MAN using just ONE browser of MX6 horrible is what i find that haha..
  6. Hello.. I will try.. can you put the extra search tool box in maxthon again? Opera and Firefox have it and MX5 had it also.. can you add this? I would love to have this search box added over here...
  7. HI BenReiley, would you like to add the BSV address to your personal profile? I will give you some Vpoints. ?


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    2. BenReiley


      Ok... so what exactly do i need to do? Cause i do not wanna deal with real life money that is dangerous.. i heard people lost their houses with these blockchain apps etc. Do you have an online tutorial that i can read about this topic? Or a video on youtube that goes in depth on this?

    3. BugSir006


      Hi there, it is virtual coin, you can just receive the Vpoints, it won't affect your real life. ?

      You can follow the Nbdomain on Twitter. https://twitter.com/nbdomain?lang=en


    4. BenReiley


      Hello.. sorry i didnt respond that was because i was in a little messed up situation where i couldnt really get online cause of i was travelling cause somebody i know in another country needed me and i needed to bring them medicine and the government wouldnt let me travel so i had to go off the grid in order to get to that country but now im back.. and i got online once or twice to check up stuff but yeah.. im back online and sorry if i took so long... but yeah.. if you are willing to give those points then im oke.. if not then thank you for offering in the first place...