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  1. Hahaha... they are not mocking us man.. haha.. it just takes time.. i for one have patience.. i have learned this through out time.. i know i need more patience cause sometimes i flip at people.. for example when they tell me why am i not fixing their car better or get an item faster from another country and then i want to tell them "if you want something done fast, do it yourself" or and "why dont you do it yourself then" but then i calm down and explain it to them cause they are not people that think for others... i learn how to put myself in another their shoes so i dont have to embarrass myself with a low IQ question like "why is the import taking so long" and then get the answer well? with this covid-19 nonsense all businesses/work related occupations are delayed by at least 3-8 weeks tops and it might be even longer which is horrible... but it makes you look as if you yourself couldnt figure that out... be patient they will fix us up real good.. believe me they will.. as long as they keep updating it? it will get better and better over time.. for now? we have this.. lets wait for the updates.. im sure they not just playing playstation all day and shooting dope into their veins and dont eat, sleep, drink... they probably have families just like you..
  2. Im sorry that one is not the one that i meant.. i actually mean this style of scrolling through your favourites.. i really like MX6 and i wanna mold it into the one i loved from the start which is MX4... but i love the interface of MX6 but i see it is really chrome like.. i never really liked chrome (the way it works) i always loved the design but yeah i really love MX6 more then all MX but i still want to mold it to the old MX4 browser if that is possible.. until now i think this is my biggest issue for now.. the fast finding of my favourites
  3. Hello good day.. i was wondering? i have over 3000 favorites and in MX5 i could easily access them in real time but in MX6 a chrome based browser i need to go to a separate page to access them.. the favorite does not have a scroll bar like in MX5.. will this be added here? I sure hope so... thanks for reading this... good day.. (if yall put it GREAT if not? too bad.. but i will still use MX6
  4. Thank you but i already have that and after a while they will ban your IP and it will get harder to download from youtube
  5. "NEVER MIND" HAHAHHAHAHA i googled online to see why my "dictionary feedback box" and it showed that it was an extension and i clicked them all off and clicked them on one by one and i found out it was my "Video Downloader Professional" extension... oooh man the things i install to have my old MX4 grabber back... chrome extension store also prohibits me from downloading from youtube which is irritating.. they wanna stop me from grabbing what i feel like grabbing but it was my own fault which is weird cause i have been using "Video Downloader Professional" extension for a while now and this never happened... But sorry for the inconvenience and this problem is now solved... i hope you can forgive me for submitting things so fast... next time i will try and work out my own problems first before i come here and ask random questions i mean you guys are not "not" busy.. you guys actually have A LOT of work to do so random people coming asking random stuff all the time will be irritating and annoying and overwhelming so i will be more careful next time "THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE" i really appreciate it... have a better day I will be patiently waiting for the MX6 build in downloader or grabber as other people have named/called it... good bye...
  6. Hello and good day.. i would like to report a bug with google definition of words (dictionary) which i use daily "the feedback bar" disappears can this be fixed please or is it just me? cause if i use another browser it stays but with MX6 it comes and disappears and this happened yesterday for the first time and before that? it just worked.. so something happened... (i hope i am not being a burden reporting this bug that just developed out of the blue.. i have been using this browser now for weeks with no problems.. "nothing" what so ever)
  7. Yes... that is what i mean oooh my goodness if you do that then BOOM this will be MY MAIN browser i LOVE the UI and interface man i wanna tweak this browser to its maximum like i did in MX4 which was my most beloved until the majority of the websites didnt use it anymore.. youtube just recently stopped supporting "mx4.4.8.1000" which was my main browser of use... so yeah.. MX6 is already my main browser but that little "search box" would make everything, EVERYTHING easier when i use my searches cause i love using google search for any thing and everything and it is very fast and just beautiful i hope they can squeeze it in there... thank you for your response
  8. Hello can i ask something? Is this going to come back in MX6? that search box in the browser itself for quick access to google or whatever search engine you are using as default... can someone confirm this for me i would really like to know. MX6 is my browser i hated MX5 it was slow and couldnt even change my fonts but now i have MX6 and my fonts can change I LOVE IT!
  9. Thank you very much.. i hope you can answer my other questions as well thank you in advance.. good day...
  10. Hello can i ask something I LOVE the new MX6 is it safe to use now? The beta Version: And another question is are you going to put this in the browser too? I am really missing it and i loved it in the older maxthons.. i put my other question in an image cause i do not know what to call it but it is basically a google search option in the browser itself (i do not know how to insert image from URL cause it doesnt work but yeah here is a screen shot of what i mean... it is the search option in the right upper corner of the browser)