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  1. Hello... this version uses too much CPU.. it is heavy on my CPU and i do not like it... so.. ill stick to the older versions which run smoother on my CPU Ooooh no.. wait... this version i never tested before.. i thought it was version, ... oooh i will give this new version a test and see if it makes my CPU go crazy as well...
  2. I just tested it a full day and i have not heard my cpu cooler go berserker like guts... so yeah.. it is better the before.. (i did hear it a few times but not every tab i open especially youtube tabs used to make my cpu go from 37 degrees to 65-69 degrees which is ridiculous) so yeah it is better now... i hope this can be fixed so i can use the normal desktop version and not the portable.. portable sound mobile like (phone like) and it leaves over 300 data files on my "desktop screen" while using it and after closing the browser I will now try this method to see if my cpu still goes berserk... but hey.. is this not bad? Will i not get cons? Is it not a pro to leave hardware acceleration on? ...Is that a bad thing to turn it off? Wait a minute.. i just googled what does hardware acceleration do in chrome and it says this.. "In general you should always enable hardware acceleration as it will result in better performance of your application. This will usually be a higher frame rate (the number of images displayed per second), and the higher the frame rate the smoother the animation." I dont think i wanna turn off hardware acceleration then cause it is going to make MX6 less good... am i correct? Or is MX6 different from chrome? It is a chrome clone right?
  3. What problem? And how did you fix what exactly? The problem of MX6 not opening after downgrading? Or the problem of it heating up my CPU every tab i open? And how did you fix it and by the way? What did you fix? Haha.. I dont really know exactly what you are talking about haha.. sorry bout that.. Ok... I will try it now and come back later...
  4. Is this for me? And so? After turning down hardware acceleration? Can i then downgrade the browser or will it not make my cpu go to 64-69 degrees anymore? What will happen if i turn off the hardware acceleration? Will i be able to downgrade or will the heating of my cpu not happen again?
  5. Hello... Ok.. so i ran the same problem again... i was using the version but it is just making my CPU go crazy hot to 69 degrees and my fans keep spinning like crazy every time i open a new tab so i downgraded again to the 2300 version of MX6 but now the browser will not open what can i do besides delete and reinstall? Cause the MX6 does not want to start up when i click it to open.. Why can i not downgrade from version