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  2. Why is url for YouTube on speed dial What is that website?
  3. Here it is. LastPass_for_Maxthon_4.1.44_(No_Binary_Features)_[Maxthon_4.0.3.3000+]_lpmaxthon.mxaddon
  4. Wow, that was quick, nice update!!
  5. You might have used Ctrl+ F2?
  6. Cool, .....but now begs the question of how M6 is able to access my desktop on a system level. Being able to capture it is one thing, but to alter it is something totally different.
  7. Hello , On this page, how can we delete call logs. Can this application be removed or hidden?
  8. Thank you very much.. i hope you can answer my other questions as well thank you in advance.. good day...
  9. The latest release is beta 2200, and I'm using it as my full-time every day browser with almost no problems. URL aliases are now available, but have been renamed. Open the Settings page and Advanced tab (mx://settings/advance), and see the "Direct URL" section. Expand the 'Set up push to talk' and 'Set website alias' options to actually set your shortcuts.
  10. Hello can i ask something I LOVE the new MX6 is it safe to use now? The beta Version: And another question is are you going to put this in the browser too? I am really missing it and i loved it in the older maxthons.. i put my other question in an image cause i do not know what to call it but it is basically a google search option in the browser itself (i do not know how to insert image from URL cause it doesnt work but yeah here is a screen shot of what i mean... it is the search option in the right upper corner of the browser)
  11. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here
  12. BugSir006


    + Added the Last session list to v6.0.0.2200 + Added the option to the bookmarks bar for customizing the favorites display + Optimized UI + Optimized the background of the login page + Added the function to the main menu for restoring the page zoom to the original + Optimized Vbox - Fixed crashes - Fixed the issue that the screen capture could not work properly after changing the page zoom - Fixed the issue that some buttons could not display the right label - Fixed the issue that “push to talk” could not open two or more websites by one-click - Fixed the issue that the banner of Maxnote could not adapt to the browser language - Fixed the issue that Youku could not pop up the video window - Fixed the issue that the icon of some intranet websites could not display properly - Fixed the issue that the night mode disabled wrongly - Fixed the issue that the icon of the website could not display properly under the retro mode - Fixed the issue that the icon of Maxnote wrongly displayed under the Guest window - Fixed the issue of the blank area of the browser main menu - Fixed the crash issue when clicking the pop-up window
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  14. Hi there, the exporting function is not available for Maxthon 5 browser for Android. This function can be found in the Maxthon 5 browser for Windows.
  15. Last week
  16. Why is one of the most important issues ignored? The ability to remove this unnecessary to 99% users module was announced!!!
  17. I have used Maxthon for some time on windows in version, in this version it has always been convenient for me to be able to export my favorites, data, via files. Recently, however, I use a version of maxthon for Android from which I can't find any way to do the same. There is, is there a way to export via file even with this version without being forced to use synchronization or export favorites to the cloud? Is it only on this version that I use the impossibility of being able to do it in this way or is it no longer possible to do it on all versions for Android? Thank you.
  18. Hi there, are you remembering the version of your previous browser? Usually, you can find the local data under this path: C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Roaming Back up the data folder "Maxthon3" or "Maxthon5" and install the previous version on your new system, use the backup folder to replace the new one then log in with the guest mode.
  19. A few months ago, I was going to write why MX5 should be the last version of Maxthon, and now I see that for many people MX5 will indeed be the last version of Maxthon. For me probably too. It isn't bad, just now we drive on different roads. I love the browser, I love the team and I love the community. It was a great experience, and I'm happy to be here, but it's time for change, and many of us aren't ready for this. In 2017, I wrote "Make Maxthon great again!". The last point was: I want to believe that Maxthon will save at least MX5, because I know many people who still use it (by the way, I know people who still use MX4 and MX3). And now I want to ask Maxthon to save the main feature of their old browsers - extensions. Today Extensions Center is paused. I know why and I understand it, but I see that many people still need some addons. And I hope Maxthon will save Extensions Center and, if it's possible, will make it open. What I mean? Sorry, if I should not talk about this, but we don't have any extension update because of moderation. Is it possible to remove moderation from the website? There are not so many 3d party developers and there are not so many people who will check Extensions Center everyday. The risk is not so great. Just edit the notification before installation: "You use too old version of the browser. Now we DO NOT support this version and we DO NOT moderate extensions for your browser. Any extension can be dangerous. Instill it only if you really understand what you do". This is simple and it could save some old users and 3d party developers. A few months ago, my nephew made his first addon for Maxthon, I made too many addons to just forget about it. And I know people who still ready to work with MX (not so many, but they exist!). It could be a good step towards old-timers. I see only 2 potential problems: Technical limitations. Is it possible to remove preliminary moderation? Money. How much money does Maxthon need to keep the site online? And the last on: I have some ideas what we can do if Extensions Center will be closed, but... I spent too much of your time already and I probably should create a new thread for this. See you...
  20. Would you describe the steps that caused this issue?
  21. I'm not sure what you consider "stable" but I haven't found anything "unstable" in any of the MX6 Alphas or beta. Where did you "see" that MX6 may not be "compatible" with MX5"? MX6 installs into a completely different folder than MX5 and can be installed and tested while still having MX5 installed and used as your main browser. And if you have a passport account, everything that you have saved into that account will be transferred to MX6 once you log-in. And the main difference between the 2 versions is that MX6 now uses the chromium core and is now compatible with Chrome extensions. However, as Magdalene has mentioned, though it is a stable browser, MX6 is still in beta (just out of alpha in the last couple of weeks) and is not yet complete with several features yet to be implemented. But please, alpha and beta in no way mean "unstable", as I think that term is way out of date. What you are looking for is a version that will be labeled as "final".
  22. Don't bother using MX6 at the moment unless you're a tester. It's missing far too many of the standard Maxthon features. Upgrade your MX5 to this (don't worry about the Beta tag)
  23. I am currently using MX stable version. I now see there is a MX 6 but it says Alpha and Beta. I see no stable version. Then I saw where it said MX 6 may not be compatible with MX5. So now I'm not sure if I even want to go to MX6. I don't know if it is stable or unstable. Is there any videos that let us actually see MX 6 in real use? What are the differences between MX 5 and MX 6? If I change to MX 6 is it going to carry forward everything from MX 5 or am I going to have to re-invent the wheel and start all over again from scratch? When we went from MX 3 to Mx 4 and to MX 5 everything carried across as it should. Right now, I'm a little hesitant to install MX 6 because I don't know enough about it yet. Can anybody help me know what is really happening?
  24. I did use Maxthon under Win7/32. I changed my Motherboard and the OS to Win10/64. Unfortunately, I've forgotten to export my Favorites from the running application, before demolished the old PC. The old SSD is available with all my Win7 data. Is there any way to get the old Favorites list back from the not running Win7 OS ? I did not create an account for sync personal data. Thanks in advance Endre
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