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  1. Anyone Interested?

    DARKSTORM replied at 2014-11-14 12:13 So... How did things go? I can't root my phone at the moment, since I'm on duty and absolutely need my phone....
  2. Anyone Interested?

    DARKSTORM replied at 2014-11-11 12:10 You can search on Google How to root your device but you must strictly follow all the given instru ... thank you very much, once I am ready, I probably try to root using instructions on this link. Day after day I postpone to " tomorrow" :o (just like when I wanted to stop smoking...lol)
  3. Anyone Interested?

    it's an alcatel one touch. anyway I need to learn more about rooting a phone before I try. As soon as I have some time left...
  4. Anyone Interested?

    I might be interested, as I need to root my phone (bluetooth driver appears to be not compatible with my car) but this is my first smartphone so I am a bit shy about doing it.
  5. Neowin site news title problems

    Ices_Eyes replied at 2014-11-3 20:06 So... As I said before, I test also to download a clean portable version of MX, and the problem is s ... displays fine here, almost same config except for nvidia...
  6. DomCas replied at 2014-11-3 21:19 Dear Odyssee If you want to test instalation of security module , below the agency number and valid ... :o unfortunately I coudn't make any donation as my browser is not compatible with the security module 10335
  7. I don't have any account so I can't try, but what does not work exactly ? did you try to change your user agent ? and disable adhunter ? I can fill the loggin form, though of course I can't log in... 10333
  8. Now video issue

    pravin0123 replied at 2014-11-3 10:30 install latest flasher player to resolve your issues...! hope you may overcome these problem. once c ... I already have the latest flash player. internet connectivity is just fine, and it works fine in ie... on nowvideo this link works just fine here, didn't try any other http://dpstreaming.org/les-aventures-de-roborex-dvdrip-streaming-telecharger/
  9. Now video issue

    BugSir007 replied at 2014-11-3 09:41 Hi guys, Sorry for the problem. How come i don't see the video in all my browsers...IE,Chrome and Ma ... adhunter on loading the ad 10326 adhunter on: after 30 secondsthere's no longer video window 10327 maxthon adhunter off (same result in retro) 10324 works fine in ie 10325
  10. Now video issue

    yes, actually I encounter the same issue. Some videos don't load, either retro or ultra mode, adhunter on or off. The same videos play in IE try this one : http://play.escapegames24.com/2014/10/oyunlar1-escape-plan-ghost-house.html adhunter on : it loads forever adhunter off : trailer plays, then the video frame vanishes
  11. Updated User Agent

    Magdalene replied at 2014-5-12 22:05 Oliver One replied at 2014-5-12 11:17 Here with UA suggered for Win 7 odd : I get the mobile site too... just like oliver (but I am in france too) 8259
  12. Creative Suite skins for MX4 (light&dark)

    thank you for your work you should add some screen captures !!!
  13. New idea: Change skin color dynamically (Updated)

    odyssee replied at 2014-1-21 18:53 very interesting !! I like the ability to change the color. @Ntzphyr : the skin selector gives me this option with official skins only, until now we were not able to change the colors of user's skins
  14. New idea: Change skin color dynamically (Updated)

    very interesting !! I like the ability to change the color.
  15. thank you Truuuc for this great tool !!!! it's already in my Mx tools !