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  1. magg replied at 2014-12-15 06:20 Website moonpig.com works fine here. Try this : First download FlashPlayer 16 (for example from her ... That worked! Thank you.
  2. The moonpig.com web site tells me that Flash Player 10 or greater is not installed and invites me to install it. I followed the instructions and it appeared to install but returning to moonpig after restarting Maxthon I am again told that Flash Player is not installed. Could someone guide me how to get the pesky add-on installed please?
  3. Found it! It is very easy: Go to the page you want to make your home page. When there right-click on the Home icon and there you can select 'Make this my Home Page'. Thanks all for your suggestions.
  4. Thank you. That is a disappointment. How far does the Maxthon 'Do Not Track' setting cover Ghostery's features?
  5. How can I set a Quick Access page to be my homepage?
  6. I see that Ghostery isn't available for Maxthon. Is there a similar utility that can work on Maxthon?
  7. I have the same problem. I downloaded it and I can see it in my extensions but I have no idea how to use it. I can't see it in the browser so how does it work?