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  1. Exactly! As a old Mx user (started using Mx since v.1) I guess Mx4 is relatively good product only because it's free for use. I guess our community members are not ready to pay 49$ and at the same time to continue working as QA engineers for free, and wait for fixes with no deadlines.
  2. Hi, BugSir007 Here is an extra info. See the descriptions of attached images. Another bugs, which, i guess, must be formed as separate issues: 1. Unnecessary Tiles, which appears after language changing (particular on screenshot: Pinterest, Yahoo, Instagram). 2. Tiles become reordered after language changing.
  3. If I am typing a word in russian/ukrainian, then suggestions in Suggestion List contain only wrong symbols (diamonds).
  4. Area, hightlighted in Red, is "unclickable" because the scroll button appears at front of sites from last site-grid column. And there inpossible to do smooth scrolling to click on target item, only page scrolling is available.
  5. Please add ability to have protected notes, which can be shown only after user types the password (account password or the password created especially for this note). Also timeout for idle editing is needed, after that the note have to be closed.