AdHunter Solutions, just some suggestions


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So many people complain about adhunter, I've decided to list a few alternatives (hope this helps :D) :

1. Subscribe to the global adhunter rules, first of all

-^^^ Check for the other foreign maxthon forum sites under Product Support, please:] ^^^-

2. Adfender (uses ABP lists) -

3. Privoxy - (breaks Sify): (proxy, http or https, port: 8118. check your configuration at:; alternate d/l mirror: or attachment, here: 4236)

4. HOSTS file (ask questions if you need to do so) - use this for general blockage: 7815

5. PeerBlock ( - I use that all the time, not sure why I've forgotten all about it, woops. Added that in now.

6. NoAds (reports have been made that it doesn't work anymore, but make sure, if it does work for you, that when you go to the config panel, choose the radiobox option with the empty textbox next to it, and type in: for optimal blockage, then save); found here:

7. URLFilter (you can also use the fanboy ultimate list for this one as well) - found here:

8. For more efficient youtube video ad blockage without the delay, it is suggested you turn off adhunter for youtube in particular, and install this addon, Youtube Center (, or install Violentmonkey from (, and then proceed to install this equivalent userscript, from which the extension is ported:

for help with creating, modifying, and sharing adhunter rules, check my tutorial, please:


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