(RESOLVED) Maxthon windows always dark?

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Not sure what caused it, but essentially Maxthon was stuck on "night mode", even if you clicked the button several times in an attempt to cancel it.
After a while, it suddenly started changing from night-mode to regular mode and back rapidly, due to clicks ~15 minutes earlier...



So today something strange happened - I wasn't doing anything unusual, but Maxthon became "dark" (as in night mode, but without applying it).
This didn't happen in any other program/app, in fact if I use the detached bookmark window it is fine (but the rest isn't) and when I attach it, it also goes dark - see attached image.

I have no idea what caused it, I tried clicking on the night mode and changing the themes (light/dark) - nothing changed.
Closing and opening fresh, having all the cache/history cleared didn't matter.

What the heck is going on? how do I solve this?

Version (64-bit) 0909, Windows 10.


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