No "VQ" button?

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Check this link:來自深淵-烈日的黃金鄉-ep06-完整版-143000396.html

There should be a "VQ" button appeared in bottom-right of video screen whose function is adjusting video quality. I tested MX5 and other mainstream browsers, they all works ok. I also delete 'Maxthon Guest Profile' subfolder completely in 'User Data' folder and test again, the problem still exists. I really know what wrong with MX6 since I've used MX6, it keeps coming up with some incompatible problems with many websites. Since I'm also an IT worker, I believe the ability to dealing with contemprary Javascripts have weakness.

I once think the trouble is from some extensions I installed from chrome web store site. But this time there's no any extension I've installed. and it still has problem.

By the way, sometimes the VQ button appeared but when  click on it has no response.

In MX5 and most of oher mainstream browsers:


However, in MX6:


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