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  1. I see. But if I've saved username/password before, can I ask MX6 not ask anymore each time I've login on again?
  2. I see. But at least MX6 should ask if user DO NOT TO ASK username/password anymore for a specific login page, just like Chrome does. I remember MX5 has this function. Currently, MX6 will ask each time I login via a specific login page, but I don't want to save username/password, it's very annoying.
  3. I really don't know which of the extensions I've installed cause these problems? You know, I don't develop MX6 and am not familiar with how these extensions are deployed into MX6.
  4. Previously I install simple copy on Chrome Web store. But I worry about it is incomaptible with MX6 and cause problem. I hope MX6 web store can provide an extension of similar functions as simple copy.
  5. There is a very interesting things I tested and found. Say my MX6 portable is in the folder "MaxthonPorable". 1. Backup this folder first. Then go into 'MaxthonPortable'. 2. Export bookmarks. 2. Go into 'User Data\Maxthon Guest Portable'. Delete everything except 'Quick Access' folder. 3. Re-run maxthon. 4. Install google translate and adblock from Maxthon web store. 5. Install youtube adblock, ultimate enable right click and webpage spellcheck from Chrome web store. 6. Now everythings are back to normal. I can use down arrow key to move up and down as will. I can also drag time thumb along the video player's progress bar. I'm using MX6 newest verison. Does it mean some extensions on Chrome Web Store are not compatible with MX6's core codes since I've ever installed these extensions from Chrome Web Store and Chrome always works well?
  6. OK, I'll try latest version again. If still no good news, I may try window-installing version instead of portable version to see if I can get any luck, though.
  7. I installed a new MX6 portable on another folder and install all the extensions I've installed in my old MX6. The former acts normal. So I think it's not the extensions problem, at least not when them are JUST installed. I got a memory that these problems (including many issue that I reported before) comes up after I used MX6 for a long time.
  8. Really? So I forget. In my case, it did remembers the size and position when it's not in maximized condition. That's why I say it DOESN'T REMEMBER the MAXIMIZED condition. I will try unzip MX6 portable in a clean and new folder and try again. I bet it is again the problem "when I use MX6 for a while, strange things keeps coming up again".
  9. Everytime I open MX6 and maximized its windows. It won't remeber this when I open it next time. I'm sure that MX5 can but MX6 can't. Does your developer did on purporse or just neglect this feature?
  10. I'm using portable version. I find if I unzip MX6 to a complete new folder and run it, Clicking guest to start using MX6. Following problems I reported before won't happen: 1. This down arrow key bug. 2. Long ago I report that when I open some page of a specific site to see video, e.g: https://gimy.app/eps/195824-1-1.html, iIf I drag the seek button to right or just click on a time point on progress bar to play, I can't do it(i.e. no response and the time wont' change). But if I use the MX6 that I've used for a long time where UserData folder has lots of files already), these problems will happen. If seems to that when I use MX6 for a long time, some bugs just popup up on some day. I experiment this for many times and find this difference. Can your developers analyze the possible cause?
  11. ftp://trend:trend@ftp.udngroup.com/sep14_setup_x64.exe When I click this url on some page, it opens a new page with nothing and with no repsonse.
  12. Normally after we type some keyword(s) in Google search bar and get search result, we can use down arrow key to move down a list of suggestion keyword(s). This is okay in MX5 or previous versions. However, we just can't do this in MX6. I bet this is a bug again.
  13. I click a url with 'ftp:// ....' but MX6 can't recognize and has no any response. This was workable in MX5 or previous version.
  14. I want to see the width and height of an image on web page and find this bug(?). If it's not a bug but intended, why? Don't destroy user experience again, please. I'm using newest version.
  15. This problem comes again this morning. The time is 10:37am in Taiwan now. Is it some issue due to "when" we do download?
  16. I'm using MX6 I start an online meeting using Google Meet. When I want to share screen, Google Meet tells me I can't share screen. I change to use Chrome, it's ok. How can I fix this problem?
  17. After some time, the speed is back to normal. However, this problem come back at some time.
  18. I go to this link: https://www.mobile01.com/topicdetail.php?f=294&t=6591000 and first press the play button to start playing and then I press the bottom-left play button in the playbar area of embedded youtube video but it has no response. I use inspect function to check the html source code and it points to this element: <div id="show_ad_left_bottom" class="c-iconLink c-iconLink--gn">顯示廣告</div> If I delete this element and leave debugger mode, then I can click that button normally. I know that element is for ad but I try this url on other browsers, e.g. Chrome or IE or Firefox, they all works well. Only Maxthon has this problem. May I know the possible reason?
  19. I experience the slow speed, too.