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  1. I download .3000 and set it as default but it doesn't work. The default is still my MX5 3.1.8. I think I have to delete all MX5 entries in registry and all other entries that has connection with MX5 first cause the FancyAppName is set to MX5. Anyway, this problem doesn't prevent from using Maxthon. You can just skip my question. Thanks a lot for your strong attention.
  2. Note:I use Win7 Chinese version, so I'll do my best to translate them to English, the name here might be a bit different from that in English version but the meaning should be same. 1.Open Control Panel>Click Windows Firewall>Click advanced setting on left panel> Click input rule> Find MX5 item> Click properties/contents on right panel and you'll see the interfaces. 2. I always try to update Maxthon 6 to newest one. Currently it is Mx6
  3. I find this problem cause I'm using MX6 and MX5 portable versions on my Win7-64bit PC together. Today I decide to set MX6 as default browser but later when I click a link on my LINE chat window, it still brings up MX5. I open control panel to check default program, I find the program ID is MX5, there's no MX6 (the one named Maxthon Cloud Browser is MX4, I've tried it already). See my 1st and 2nd screenshots. Then, curiously, I open Windows Firewall and check the setting and find the program ID is MX5, too. But go deeper, I find the program path is 'Maxthon 6' (The path is where I put MX6 portable version, so I know it). See my 3rd and 4th screenshots. I believe your developers never come up with this issue since it's really too deep. I would suggest your developers change the program ID to MX6 ( or MX7, 8, ... , etc. in later versions).
  4. Yes, I did. And I just update to .2800. Your develop already add (x) hotkey notation at trail of the item name. Your team really hear users' voice. I give thumb up!
  5. First, I'm using Win7. Second, I already tried that ease of access option, it doesn't help, at least not in MX6.
  6. I always use portable version. I never register an account for logging into Maxthon cloud, sorry! But I will try it more.
  7. I update to .2700 version and three screenshots of web sites in Quickacess page are gone. Refreshing hangs forever. These three websites are trle.net, bghut.com, and boardgamegeeks.com. Thery are okay in .2500 version. Check attached screenshots. Furthermore, While in hanging up status, I click the edit icon and try click color mode radio button or screenshot mode radio button), the save button can'be clicked. Keep trying above actions to and fro, sometimes, don't know what reason, the screenshot is shown suddenly. I believe there are some bugs here.
  8. I try pressing ALT first ,then right click, no use. I try pressing ALT + right click together, this time I can see the underscore but the dialog will show a very short time(less than 0.2 seconds, I guess) and close right away, there's no chance to click any menu item, the popup menu just won't stay on screenshot. Even there's no underscore shown, the hotkey function still work. I thought it doesn't work because you change the conventional hotkey s to v and I keep trying s key. I would suggest do the best not to change the user experience, if possible? Another suggestion is make the underscore appeared on default, in case it is not a bug.
  9. No, In my version, there're no underscore. Furthermore, if I switch to Chinese mode, there're also no underscore, either. You can check attached screenshots. I think the original add (s) behind the item name is better and language-independent. Your UI designers seem to forget language-independent issue. This should be very important since MX provides language switching. By the way, In MX5 or previous versions, when you switch to other language, it reacts immediately but MX6 has to be closed and reopened to see the change. This is quite inconvenient cause I might have already opened many web pages and I really don't like to close browser and open them one by one again.
  10. I know the quicksave. However, most of the time I'd like to save image to a specific folder I choose. I still can do this by using mouse to click save image but the once hotkey allow me to do this very quick when I need to save bunch of images on a web page. Attached screenshot is the hotkey function in MX5. This is a gallery page, the hotkey comes in handy while saving image in such a page.
  11. Thanks! It's done! Say, why the hotkey for saving image when right lick an image is gone? It was S key.
  12. I find them. No bother and thanks for attention. But why not set Alt+z in default?
  13. I find some hotkeys no more exist in MX6, e.g. Alt+z to bring back previously closed tab. Where can I get these missing hotkeys back?
  14. In older version, I can right click on the text box of usename or password and save them, not even needed to click ok button to trigger magic fill (which is an alternative way for me to create a new item in magic fill and can edit it later). Can I do it now in any way? Please see attached screenshots of magic fill in older version. 1st: Right click to bring up save form item. 2nd: Then I open magic fill window manually from setting. 3rd: Without the help of function in 1st screenshot, I can save an item into magic fill manually and use function in 3rd screenshot to edit it. This is always an alternative way for me to add new item in magic fill.
  15. There are once download item in float bar or I can find the download link (file extension is mp4 most of the time) of the video in resource sniffer but now I can't find them both. Are they not implemented yet?
  16. I open debugger mode and check an item in Network tab and click Request Header tab but there's no Host and Origin? I then disable cache and refresh again , I can see Origin now but there's still no Host. Where can I see the Host?
  17. Thanks! I'll start giving up using MX5 gradually although MX6 is still not handy than MX5.
  18. Check this url: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/all/open-file-security-warning/5add01b0-7663-4524-b8e8-21e1f706da83 It is the issue of open file security warning. I read some sites. It's due to the publisher of the program to run is unknown or the program could download other program afer running, the warning dialog will be popup. MX5 doesn't have this issue but MX6 does. There must be some difference between MX5's and MX6's executable file. I check the task manager, there's no information worthy to see since MX6 is not yet running. Many people just disable this warning dialog but I'm a cautious man so I reflect this issue on community. Is it really safe to disable the warning when running MX6, in your opinion? BTW, I always use portable version.
  19. Just curious why? In MX6, it's ok. But in MX5, after posting, we can see the comment on the page. However, if we refresh the Youtube page, the comment will disappear then.
  20. Yes, I can. It's just a standard system's security alert dialog but I'm using Chinese Windows, so you need someone to understand it. Here is the attached dialog screenshot.
  21. Each time I run MX6, Windows will popup an alert dialog saying running this ap could harm the computer, sorta of things, ... etc and ask me to click a button to run or cancel. May I know why? Does MX6 retrieve and convey something from my computer and pass back some servers?
  22. 1. Why each time I run MX6, the system popups a security alert dialog saying:" "Do you still want to execute his program?". What does MX6 do to arouse such security warning? 2. This is actually an MX5+MX6 issue. When I run MX5 (v5.3.8.2000), I post comments on Yotube and they display okay. But if I refresh the pages immedately or close the page and open again, my comments always disappear (even I just type 'test' as contents). I ask this in Youtube forum , they said my posting action has security flaw that Youtube AI detects it and remove my comments. If I do this in MX6, the issue wont' happen. What's wrong with MX5 and why MX6 doesn't have this problem?