Lost all my Favorites , please help.


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4 hours ago, chrischross said:

ive got my favorites (not bookmarks)still on my laptop BUT on my pc they won't load 

why won,t they load and how do i get them back on my pc 

can i transfer them from the laptop?

if so , how ??

i'm lost without my favorites.

this has never happened before.

Hi chrischross, may I know which version are you using? Are you using the install or portable version? Could you download this latest version V6.1.3.2400 and try again?

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i spent 2 hours copying off my favorites(89) from my laptop to my pc yesterday so pointless sending a screen shot .

the built-in favorites that come with max were the only ones that would come up no matter what i tried . reboot, reinstall and reinstall of a earlier version.

this time iv'e also bookmarked and backed up  my favorites incase in happens again.

good today   :)


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