mx5 + Adblock Plus + win7

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5 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

Hi there, we recommend you to install the Maxthon 6 browser. ?

Sorry, but for many you users this is a bad tip. There are many reasons why.

Last week I used old slow laptop. I tested MX4.9 and MX5, both work pretty fast, much better than current Opera pr Chrome. It mean that many people with too slow PC would like to use something like Maxthon, but only MX5 or earlier. The only reason why not so many people will really use MX5 today is broken AdBlock Plus.

What's wrong with ABP today:

  • Presets don't work, you just can not download build-in lists.
  • 3d party list most likely will not be downloaded, you will see the same error.
  • If you restart the browser, you will see that you list were downloaded already, but still don't work.

Today the main mobile browser is Opera, because they understand how many people use old slow devices and still support Opera Mini. This is their way to promote their services in Africa. I think many PC users need a light browser too. Old Maxthon could be this browser, but old Maxthon is outdate.

If MX6 will return you to the top, you could revive old MX as Maxthon GO. Look on Firefox ERS: the only thing you need is updating core and UserAgent 1-2 times per year. And fixed ABP or old AdHunter. Or you could revive Nitro, because it was really fast. I still feel that Maxthon is so родной browser for me and many people.

P.S. Попробуй вручную добавить списки с официального сайта AdBlock Plus. Некоторые добавятся, некоторые тупо будут висеть в ожиданиях, но после перезапуска каким-то чудом скачаются и даже будут обновляться. Но по ощущениям они всё равно не работают. По крайней мере на ютубе реклама так и выскакивает. Если есть настроение, можно установить старую версию с AdHunter и настроить тамошний фильтр. Но тут есть риск. что куча сайтов будет конфликтовать со старым движком.


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