RAM drops, PC freezes, 100% disk activity

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Last week I (finally) updated MX to v. Beta (the latest MX5).

Now, when using the share-trading platform Trading212, if I leave the PC unattended for, say, 30 minutes or more, then click on its tab:

  • RAM drops like a stone to as low as ~40MB; then,
  • RAM jumps back up to, say, 3GB;
  • the whole PC freezes;
  • disk activity light is on constantly.

It remains in this state for ~5 minutes and then the screen goes black. After a few more minutes, the screen returns.

It’s happened 12+ times now (four times yesterday). I’ve had the task manager open and can see, when the screen returns, there is 100% disk activity for another ~5 minutes before it settles down and everything returns to normal again.

It’s almost as if when I click on the tab to view my shares, the interface is catching-up, refreshing prices etc, but remains in a run-on state.

I raised the issue on Trading212's forum last week but no one else is having the issue. I've also tested in Vivaldi without problems.

PC has 16GB RAM.

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5 hours ago, TheWhippinpost said:

Ah yes, I forgot about MX's core feature. If I switch core I am unable to log-in to the website.

Is it right to assume this will not be fixed in MX5? 

Hi there, currently, Maxthon doesn't have the plan to update the Maxthon 5 browser, so we recommend you to use Maxthon 6.?

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