Extensions do not "load" properly if using new tab

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I've noticed that there seems to be a systematic problem with how the extensions are applied.
If I understand this correctly, it seems that when opening a new tab (from a "Open in new tab", duplicate tab or just open a tab and put an address in), the extensions don't load up immediately.

I've seen this happening with ImproveYoutube! uBlock Origin and others.
It results in, for example, uBlock not blocking things (or being functional properly), ImproveYoutube! now working until refresh and so on.

If I would reload the tab - they would function correctly.
If I use a link within the site, they will function correctly.
It is when a "new" site is entered via address line (not link from the website) or a new tab is used that they will fail.

I am using the portable version of MX6, I keep it updated to the latest version, but this is consistent for at least 3-4 updates now.

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