Quick Access weird situation (can't see some favorites)


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Can you help me to save 53 favorites inside Mix folder? I can't access them. I ws trying to remove some favorites from Mix folder but accidentaly I put inside New Folder and now it's impossible to remove them from folder. Only is possible to delete them. There are 53 favorites and most of them I wil lose, some are saved in Other bookmarks but most are only there. For more details watch video I made with screen recorder.

Sorry I had to kill Notepad for some reason was frozen. ?

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OK, I try now. Thanks. :)

Edit: unfortunately did not work. Same behavior like in regular version.

So, basically I've lost 53 favorites. :( ?

Edit 2: I forgot, these favorites still I have in Maxthon 5 (not in single folder) so most of them I can recover. Lucky sync from 5 to 6 not same so we just forget this. Not big deal. Thank you! :)


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