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I opened Maxthon today getting a warning/error that my account status is "abnormal".
I did not update or change anything in the last few weeks, including configurations, add-ons and so on. Nothing.

Before I consider logging out and logging in again, I want to know what happened and why.
I also don't know if log-out and log-in back will make some of the data to go bad (i.e. saved passwords, addresses, config for the browser and so on).

See image below:


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10 hours ago, TheWhitestOfFangs said:

I did not log out and back in again - so that I can send whatever bug report/identification needed to see what happened.
It does not prevent me from running Maxthon "as usual", with the exception of accessing Passkeeper and such.

Hi there, usually, this issue caused by users changed the registered email address or password but forgot to update. So I recommend you to change the password to log in. If you still experience the issue please let me know the email address of your browser account I will forward it to the engineer for checking you changed the email address or not.


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