missing lnk in MX5.2.6.1000

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on my homepage I programmed something and found a bug
please check hier and compare with the source: http://wikiwolves.org/bug.php

What to do?

------------------------------- Testbereich Begin -------------------------------
<a href="../share">Linkziel: ../share - works (page do not exist)</a>
<a href="/pages/share">Linkziel: /pages/share - no function</a> link missing!!
<a href="/pages/oshare">Linkziel: /pages/oshare - works</a>
------------------------------- Testbereich End -------------------------------


Sincerey yours,


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2 hours ago, VoltERRa said:

Oh yes! now it works too - but I have to deactivate that extension: (Remove Social Media) http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=2592

If it is due to the extension, you should contact the author of it. It is not a specific problem of the browser itself (regardless of whether the maxthon development team can do anything)

Possibly with a list to adblock, you get the same or similar effect as with that extension.

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