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My user name is Xyno.  I'm was just introducing myself so I could post about some issues but I've reconsidered how much time I want to give to my relationship with Maxthon.  I've used Maxthon for maybe 5 years.  I value Maxthon for my not being tracked and marketed.  I have also really loved features such as split screen, sync., drag and drop, using my choice of search engine and address bar search.  I've used Maxthon so much that I don't know much about other browsers anymore.  I do know that I don't like the way chrome and microsoft browsers seem to track and market constantly.  I guess I'll try firefox, that's what I used most before I discovered Maxthon.  Oh, didn't I say it?  Goodbye.  I want my key back.  I can't take the multiple crashes every day.  I can't take have pages not load and frequently, not occassionally, having to switch back and forth from nitro to retro to see if a page will load.  I can't take it that some sites frequently give me messages such as "

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://www.musiciansfriend.com/namm-new-products?" on this server."  I've learned to use F12, Application, Clear Storage, Clear Site Data to regain access to such sites but really, I'm just an ordinary user, I don't care to have to do constant maintenance.  It's boring and such problems with Maxthon have a way of returning just when  I've forgotten how to fix them so I have to thrash about all over again.  I've hung on for a year with problematic versions.  I hope Maxthon reverts to a version that worked or fixes whatever is ailing it but like a drug addict or a chronic liar, I know you're not good for me so I'm going to try to learn to live without you.  Man, it's hard to submit this so maybe I'll end up hanging on ... .  

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So you can't access one site and you just give up on the browser.  You don't give us any idea which version you are using or any other information.  I'm using the latest verson, and don't have any problem accessing the site you mention.  If you can give us more information, maybe we can help you.


post3dmg4_zps398d3651.jpgWindows 10 64-bit build 10525/Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

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