No Topline on YouTube

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There's strange situation today: MX- doesn't show top user-line (with YouTybe main logo, search-bar

Switching to retro mode returns normal. What's goin' on - YouTube changes or Maxthon's engine fail?



snap2.jpg and user's menu).


Also drag link shows empty page. It must be switched to retro too.

And YouTube all the time says "You have obsolete version of browser".

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2 hours ago, QIK5L said:

For use with violentmonkey, click "raw" button to install.

Not as useful as the YoutubeCenter, but I'll take it for now.

I know Firefox/Chrome/Opera have working add-ons, like (on all 3 platforms)
Any chance anyone converts them to operate with Maxthon?

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Youtube are changing their interface and it does not always work with these add-ons.
I have the same issue with the YePpHa/YouTubeCenter (Dev version v545).Turn it off and try...

The latest dev Version 548 is here.

It hasn't been updated for the new YT so the problems mentioned above still exist.

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