Mx5 privacy issue

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I noticed an unwanted operation of Mx5 ( and versions at least).

When I exit Maxthon via tray icon or close the application with task manager, or in case of power interrupt, or when it crashes (i.e. in case of abnormal termination) Mx5 doesn't ask for login at next start. I don't know how it can be used, but it's a real bypass of logging in.

Sorry, maybe I'm bad, but I didn't find any similar topic.

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Hi there, I think this auto login function is designed like this. And I've tested with Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, my account will auto login every time I restart my computer, exit from the system tray, after a power interrupt.

I suppose that most people have to enter a password when starting your pc, and any sensitive and private information are saved in Passkeeper (in the case of Maxthon), and it requires password when you access it. So the risk is relatively low.

BTW, I've talked with our account manager. If you want to make sure no one can access your account. You can

1, untick the "auto login" option the first time you login Maxthon account, or

2, log out your account before you exit Maxthon.

Hope my answer helps :)

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Just tested this again with the latest internal release. It seems that this is no longer an issue.

After force closing using task manager, you always get the user selection or password prompt screen on restarting Maxthon.

Hopefully it will be publicly released shortly.

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