Page rendering and other issues:

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Running Win 10 pro on a desktop.  I have not designated a default browser(same as always since leaving IE a couple years ago when it stopped being updated).

Still getting outdated browser messages on some sites (got these when ever i was behind on updating)

Also having page rendering issues on some sites- did not happen with previous versions.

 The most problematic site is ebay> I need to use retro to view a page of items properly after a search and then if i wish to view a particlar item on that page i need to switch to ultra to get it to view properly.  I do not have this issue when trying these pages with other  browsers.

Every time i launch this browser i get a message from windows 10 asking me if i wish to allow this app to make changes to this device- did not happen with previous versions.



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this post sounds famliar to me. i guess it's the third time i read that.

i got win 10 pro and mx 4.9 and portable 5.02.200 and got none of the issues you reported

the outdated warning messages are due to a PUP on computers most of the time

so try to use the appropriate tools to ensure

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