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I've just upgraded to the latest beta build,, and find the favicons on tabs are somewhat corrupted.

E.g. Currently WhatsApp Web has the favicon from guardian.com, whilst the Guardian tab has no icon at all, nor the <title>, just the URL as the tab name. Similarly, I have about 5 tabs open from another site, but only 2 have its favicon and page title - the rest are the page URLs.

Every time I restart Maxthon it changes; previous start had a newspaper article with the Gmail Inbox icon, for example.

I guess this could probably be fixed by deleting/renaming one of the cache folders, but I'm not keen to do that at the moment as prior experience had it wiping all my cookies too.

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Thanks BuSir006, that's a really useful function to know about.

Unfortunately it hasn't solved the problem, but I realise now I wasn't quite clear.

Rather than the icons of favourites, they're icons on tabs that I Open All from Last Session whenever I launch Maxthon.

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18 hours ago, AaronX said:

Yes, every launch of Maxthon since upgrading to the latest beta build around 24 hours ago. 

Hi AaronX, since I cannot reproduce this problem, so could you also provide us with some screenshots of the corrupted icons and urls?

Then I can forward them to our developers to look into it.

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