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I am VIP 2 and have been using this browser for forever now, and have been a part of the community for quite awhile now, as well as a responsive beta tester.  I really want to get VIP 3 but I have no followers on YouTube, and I made a blog but I haven't ever posted anything to it yet.  Also, I don't really have much of a way to recruit people (I could say I don't have any friends but it just sounds sad).  Is there anything else I can do to gain this privilege?  I am quite a good writer and would be willing to write an ad for you guys that you could quote if you would like - however long you think is fair.  Or I could just post to YouTube or Wordpress anyways.  I just think that it wouldn't particularly be helpful to anyone and would prefer to contribute some way that actually WOULD help.  Send me a private message if you would prefer to communicate that way.

Thanks =)

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Hi Klear6, it's really touching that you use Maxthon for such a long time, and you truly contribute a lot for this community. We really appreciate what you've done.

Please do not say you don't have many friends, it's really sad. We are always here to be you friends. We can follow each other on social media. 

It doesn't matter that you do not have many followers, we can upgrade your VIP level as long as you review or referral MX5, like it was said in this post:

Cheer up dear, you may PM me your social media account and we may have a chat. :1f60a:

Your friend,


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19 minutes ago, Astral Beast said:

Ough. How long it takes to review new candidates to upgrade VIP status? I made my attempt on August 11th at Facebook, but there's no response neither positive nor negative.

Hi Astral, could you PM me your review content, your UID and email. I'll forward it to our corresponding colleague. :1f60a:

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