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  1. Here it is. LastPass_for_Maxthon_4.1.44_(No_Binary_Features)_[Maxthon_4.0.3.3000+]_lpmaxthon.mxaddon
  2. As far as I use it - it's version "LastPass for Maxthon 4.1.44 (No Binary Features) [Maxthon] lpmaxthon.mxaddon". It's not as functional as Chromium ot Firefox version. But it allows to fill passwords. I checked recently and it allows to open properties of entries. I didn't check if it correctly save them, but it works for my needs.
  3. You may grab 4.1.44 version from that link I posted there.
  4. At this time, the same link I posted berfore points to 4.1.44 version. I found it usable.
  5. As far as I know, you should grab latest LastPass version. On the Maxthon's Extension site you can see only 3.3.0 version. It's quite outdated. I use 4.1.20 version. You can give it a try: https://lastpass.com/lpmaxthon.mxaddon. It have some problems with menu navigation, but nevertheless it's worth using.
  6. Ough! So sad to see this gap inbetween version on the Extensions' page and real version of LastPass for Maxthon. LP 3.2.17 is outdated version. Last version of LP3 installed in my system was 3.2.41 version. And now I use LP4 - 4.0.6 version. For example, problem reported by Davy49, solved already. Is there any way to speedup the process of submiting new versions of extensions?
  7. Good day, sirs. 1str of all, Maxthon plugin at addons site a bit outdated. Addons site has only 3.2.17 version, but I'm using 3.2.41 version. Support team of LastPass is blaming on slow process of submiting extensions to Maxthon. I will post a link to fresh version if it will be allowed here. 2nd, mark4051, your problem related to your password. I faced exactly the same problem after I changed my LastPass's master password. After about 1.5 months of investigation I changed my master password again (with a tip from support team). And it began and is still working.