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  1. In my situation MX6 exits silently after it has been working for a while.
  2. Nope. I'd like to have an option to see all opened tabs in one list.
  3. Hello there. All of you have noticed a very useful button, listing installed extensions. My daily dids require me to open a bunch of corporate sites. I'd like to have the same button, listing all opened sites. If it's possible, of cause.
  4. Sorry, man, then. I'm not an Chrome Security expert
  5. It's some kind of Chromium security feature. Try this:
  6. There's "Advanced" button bellow the warning. Press it, and advance more bellow. There you'll find "Proceed to (unsafe)" link. Follow it and you'll get a result. As well as in any Chromium.
  7. Sad news. Made a fresh install of 2600 beta on a new PC. Passkeeper failed to sync. Tried to sync passkeeper on my work PC - the same thing, sync failed. Update. I've installed 2300 beta - the sync was successful with this version. It has autoupdated to 2401 beta and sync was successful. Passkeeper sync problem is 2600 issue at least
  8. Sure, because of adware in it at least, but I think an option "download it with all risks put on myself" should exist.
  9. Hello. I can't share with you those files I worked with because corporate police. But our Informational Security Team found one shared file downloaded by one of users. When I checked it, I found it as some kind of repacked Daemon Tools installation. Maxthon 6 build 2300/2400 blocked it with no option to download and check it. I downloaded it with Linux Box and checked it. My antivirus quarantined it with report "adware not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.Hiru.gen". I do not know why - it's quarantined once thus it has no chance to live, but you can use link
  10. There was no such option. Only "Discard" is available.
  11. May be I didn't catch a moment why MX6 blocks downloads, but I really need some ZIPed files from my workplace, but MX6 says "it may be dangerous, so Maxthon has blocked it". How can I avoid this?
  12. Hello. 1. I use NewTab screen as start page. But I can't assign neither custom image (most wanted variant) nor "siteshot" from the site. Any full description does not fit at the site shortcut - only about 15 symbols, if I hover mouse over it it doesn't pop up as description. 2. How can I adjust keyboard shortcuts? 3. I miss Status Bar very much too. I'm very glad about MX6
  13. Here it is. LastPass_for_Maxthon_4.1.44_(No_Binary_Features)_[Maxthon_4.0.3.3000+]_lpmaxthon.mxaddon
  14. As far as I use it - it's version "LastPass for Maxthon 4.1.44 (No Binary Features) [Maxthon] lpmaxthon.mxaddon". It's not as functional as Chromium ot Firefox version. But it allows to fill passwords. I checked recently and it allows to open properties of entries. I didn't check if it correctly save them, but it works for my needs.