How to Embed YouTube Videos in Posts on the Forum?

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Hi, all —

I noticed @Wilser posted some embedded YouTube videos a while back, and I'm curious how I can do the same.

Is it just a matter of permissions?  Do I need an elevated level, or is this something reserved for mods?

I'd like to be able to embed screencasts of quirks, errors, and MX5 behaviors inline with my posts when discussing them here on the forum.

Apologies for not posting this in a better spot, but I couldn't find a board for discussing the forum itself other than "Welcome to the Maxthom Forum," which I don't appear to have posting permissions for.

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You should just be able to add a link to a youtube video and it will automatically embed it.

Only thing that I can tell is that it MUST start with http otherwise it won't be detected and auto-embedded.

The video below was added by copying the URL to the video from the Maxthon youtube page and pasting into the post box.


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16 minutes ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

Of course I just have to ask this silly question - why don't you use the scroll wheel on the mouse?

My scroll wheel is set to move 3 lines where as a click on the scroll button moves only 1.

I'm quite sure this was a feature and not a bug, to facilitate scroll top/bottom.

And I think the devs would suggest middle click seeing as it took over 2 years to get that working normally in M3 and M4.

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