MX5 skin ideas

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I like 5 but the interface/skin is minimalistic and naff [imo] - maybe this is OTT but it works for me - describe it as a work in progress and shows what can be done

it will not be appearing on a site in the Philippines or Nsane :wacko: 


5 skin.png

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16 minutes ago, Magdalene said:

Will it be appearing in Personal Mail? Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.

it might in part - its wip at the moment - it all works but its by no means tested - the side bar is the BIG IF - thats carried over from 4 and is not updated - i have no idea if its possible to get that to work correctly 

i will not release it as a full skin - its too complicated [imo] - it involves 0.dat - 1.dat and page.dat 

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39 minutes ago, Magdalene said:

I like the extensions on the toolbar. Can you stretch/shorten the address bar like in MX 4.

address bar is fixed length - not worked that bit out yet - all options that were in 4 seem to be there but commented out for whatever reason

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1 hour ago, jerber said:

Would it be possible to have the tabs on the bottom as an option as in MX2? I know folks like it and would like the option.


like that? - as ever only quickly tested - backup your 0.dat file

a new install will overwrite it - so you need to re-apply this - 0.dat is some of the UI so it should be ok to use this with later releases

tabs at bottom.png


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