For Those Who Haven't Received Email, Look Here

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Hi everyone,



Those who have not received our email for MX5 download link, sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

In our official emial, there is a verify code for each new user to create a password.

(if you are an old Maxthon user, please use you current password)

So for those new registers, who haven't received any email, you can download it first, and create a password manually.

The steps to create a new password are listed below:

1, After successful installed, you'll see this page.

    Enter your register email



2, Press "Forgot password?"


3, Press "Request verification code", and then your register email will receive an mail with code in it.

   Type in the code



4, Then you can set a new Password then. And begin to use the latest Maxthon Browser. 



The download link is in this post,


Again, please check your inbox, and don’t forget to have a look at your spam. If still nothing received, you can also leave your backup email for us.



Thank you all for the long term support and patience.



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5 hours ago, sader fawall said:

not work


May I ask are you a new user or an old user?

1, For an old user, use your old Maxthon account and password.


2, For a new user,

press "forgot password"


and then you will receive an emial with a verify code in it.

Type the code in the box, you can reset a new password. 

17 hours ago, vertus said:

Doesn't work for my It says, I'm not VIP3 despite I'm sure I've registered for Mx5 one of the first.

Hi vertus,

Could you give us some sceenshot about what the prompt message is?

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4 minutes ago, sader fawall said:

i did and as you can see in the big photo the email [Notification of Maxthon"U+" account security - re-set password] from reseting the password is before i take the screenshot in 5 min

and i am an old user

Hi sader,

if you didn't receive email right after register, that might mean you didn't register successfully. 

Maybe you can try to register our beta version:

and pay attention to your email, it may receive an activation link. press the link to successfully register. 

Thanks for your petiance and support. 

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