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Magdalene, thanks for the extensions, however that was not the point.

APB is excellent, but I find it hard to get the right format for writing rules (I try to hide block divs and classes according to some rule and it doesn't work - most likely because I do it wrong, although following APB's manual). What I want is something that sets the APB rules quickly and effectively, not 3 different blocking extensions (and APB is already integrated so...)


I tried these extensions, to see if they are worth it - they aren't. The clipper is very limited and the NoAds... just didn't work (I couldn't even reach the preferences)

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ABP for firefox and chrome both have a built-in block by click option. Why the MX version doesn't is the question that needs to be asked.

I found this bookmarklet a while ago which does a similar job. It can show you the element name but obviously not able to add directly to ABP, so a copy/paste is required to add to custom rules. Not perfect, but does help out and removes the need to go trawling through the code. You still need to add domain## to the element found in ABP.

Because it's not originally created for ABP, some of the elements it finds might not work, so there's a bit of trial and error.

I've also created an extension for it. Have uploaded to the extension site. I'll add some basic instructions to the extension page.

SelectorGadget on Extension site.

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