Facebook messenger issue?

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I'm using V4.4.7.3000 and I've noticed that when using Facebook, whenever I'm conversing with someone who uses the Facebook messenger (it writes "Sent from Messenger" in the messages), the messages window behaves "funky": it will not update sometimes, will not close completely, the same window in the messages pane (the "full version" of it will be empty, etc'.

I've noticed this is particular per-chat window, since I could have another person sending me messages in another window, at the same time, and that window would behave, would close correctly and update, or even from the same person, but when sent from Facebook website and not messenger.

Anyone witnessed this?
This never happened in previous versions of Maxthon, although I'm not sure it is related



Update - apparently this happens with other browsers as well (silly me for not testing)

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