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Hi....I have a techical issue with I was about to scroll down at kuku88's YouTube channel's uploads page,it gave me the scroll glitches...Please please please fix this bug now....I cannot stand anymore of those scroll down glitches.


                                         Thanks for reading this


                                                        Warmly regards,




                               I'm on Maxthon now.

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We are sorry for the scroll glitches you went through.  By using "scroll glitches", what do you actuall mean? Could you have a screenshot or video to show us? I searched for kuku88 on youtube and I went to the upload page here: When I scroll down, it is all fine here. Not sure if it's the right page, but please put the webpage link here if mine was wrong, so we could check if we also have the glitch.  And please tell us what operating system you are using now.


Also, please make sure you had a clean install of Maxthon, not an install over the old veriosn. This could help solve the issue. 



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