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  1. Can Maxthon 6 have a feature known as "SSL Certificate Editor" when users like myself can change the expiration dates of the websites that would be expired and/or have already been expired.
  2. Hi, I hate the expiration date and the error that says "This Site has an invalad Certificate" while pointing at the red locks.I really wish Maxthon has a feature known as the "SSL Certificate editor" feature in which allows others to change expiration dates on the SSL Certificates.Every internet browser needs the same feature as Maxthon...Google Chrome needs it,Internet Explorer needs it,Microsoft Edge needs it and every single browser needs this feature so that way,others won't have to change the time..they can change the expiration date on the SSL Certificate.Please make it happen,Maxthon staff....please. Thanks for reading this message. Warmly regards, Ayla
  3. Hi,


    I really wish I could convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion form both Online Video Conveter and Converto.io.Please fix those issues and please make Online Video Converter convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion please

    Error...go away please.png

    No more errors please.png

    Please make it faster please.png

  4. Thank you so much.I really wish Bing would perminately leave Google alone every midnight for a very long time.
  5. Maxthon,could you please fix my passport and its log in please....it keeps on disconnecting....please fix it please.

  6. I updated the user agent....thank you,Maxthon staff^^
  7. It was wonderful...thank you...but,I just wanted Maxthon to go back into its old self instead of acting like Google Chrome...
  8. Maxthon,please oh please fix up DeviantArt...I'm begging you.

  9. Thanks for the updates...however,Gmail gave the same stupid notification over and over again.Please fix this browser by removing the stupid notification from Gmail perminately.
  10. Oh dear...I'm sorry this happened.I also wish that Maxthon could just stop using the scroll to go up and down and I just hope Maxthon should let the scroll roll up and down the way the user wants it to.
  11. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-6 14:52 If there is no history on the first tab, there is no Back arrow because there is no where to take yo ... Oh....thank you for the reply.
  12. Hi... I just wanted to know that while I was on DeviantArt on one tab and at weebly on the other tab,the back button on the first tab has vanished in thin air.Could you guys please just please make the browser as faster then before by letting the back button stay on the first tab and on each tab until it reaches the home page please. Thanks for reading. Warmly regards, Ayla