[Windows Add-Ons] Skins and Extensions Review Criteria

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Skins and Extensions Review Criteria


  • Have a complete and accurate description of skins and extensions.
    • Descriptions of skins and extensions must be complete, clear and valid. It should cover the basic information and let users know what the skin or extension is. Irrelevant information or advertisement are not allowed in the description.
  • Be safe and secure.
    The skin or extension is not permitted in any form:
    • The skin or extension itself is too buggy to be functional.2.2 The skin or extension embeds spyware or malware.
    • The skin or extension may cause Maxthon browser or operating system vulnerablities.
    • The skin or extension cause any danger of users' computers and their property.
  • Do not affect web experience.
    • A skin or extension should not severely affect Maxthon browser’s stability and performance.
    • If a skin or extension contains advertisement, the advertisement should not affect user’s internet experience and the running of skin or extension itself.
    • The start and running of a skin or extension should not launch installers of other non-Maxthon software.
  • Comply with local laws
    • Any political, pornographic or violence information that violates legal terms is not permitted.
    • Any fake or fraud information isnot permitted.
    • Any information that containspersonal attacks or violates the legitimate rights of other people ororganizations.
  • Others
    • A skin or extension that submitted by fraudulent organizations and people.
    • A skin or extension that contains illegal advertisement of medicine, insurance, sales, training, direct marketingor consulting.
    • A skin or extension that URL auto-direction is not permitted.
    • A skin or extension that causes bad consequences though not specified in this criteria.

If you have any questions, please email: help#maxthon.com. (Please replace # with @, thank you!) 

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if this post survives it needs to be re written - there is no skin centre so the help is pointless


as its a 'board' post i think any modification should be by staff

Tony     -  Vivaldi 4 on Windows 10 64Bit
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4 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

@Galileusz sorry that I deleted your post by mistake, since I saw there were two same posts, but after I deleting it, both of them are deleted. Sorry:1f61f:

@BugSir006 Heh, in that case you should also remove your answer above for @Tony, because the center skins for MX4 and MX5 does not exist.

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