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Hi, I'm having an issue that is driving me mad.

It looks like Maxthon isn't loading CSS or it's showing them incorrectly in some sites!

Try to visit the PC Gamer homepage and check how Maxthon shows it to me:


This happens on my desktop, my laptop, and even at my cousin's house where I installed Maxthon once to have my bookmarks synchronized.

On my smartphone it looks alright though.

Please tell me what I can do for it because it's driving me mad :(

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A large number of websites, instead of storing CSS, images, Javascript, and other similar static content on the same server that processees user input (like navigating pages that change if you login), they often choose to store them on a separate server called content delivery network (which may be distinguished by having CDN somewhere in the hostname). Server computers may go offline due to maintenance or denial of service attacks, as such, you may see a website working fine but not see the CSS and images. The CDN server simply went offline

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Works fine here.

Update as No.1MaxthonFan has pointed out.

If it still occurs, try testing with Retro mode, turn off AdHunter, and check with other browsers. If it happens on those as well then it's something on your system, not Maxthon.

Or it could be what SWFlash0 said, which I found quite interesting - i didn't know they do that :S

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I use the portable version on my laptop, same result..OK, but the idea is to test with a clean install with no user specific data.

Extract the portable version and just run it. Don't sign in, don't copy/adjust any settings, don't have any extensions running etc.

I'm using the latest version but I have a custom user agent (needed otherwise I won't see the Youtube videos That's odd as I haven't had to use a custom UA for a few versions now. When was the last time you checked that it still didn't work without it?

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