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Few minutes ago, I created this account, hoping to be able to keep my current configuration for after I re-install the OS. But one thing gone wrong: even if the account was empty (no other device added), when I connected this device, EVERYTHING I had saved in this browser was deleted and everything gone to a clean install of maxthon. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING ?!?!?!?!?!?!? Like, really! If I decide to sync this device, I sync it to KEEP my config, not to have it DELETED. Why did you even put that button there? Is it that much fun to have it there and screw people's installations? The least you could do is ask THE USER if to make a clean install, or to update the actual config to the cloud.

Come on, you just ruined my day!

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Really sorry for this inconvenience brought to you.c

In order to keep your configuration, we always recommend Maxthon users to have a Maxthon Passport. Once signed into your account all your configuration will be saved under it and they will be synced to your other devices if you sign into your account form.

To get back your early configuration you could use Maxthon Import user data function: Open the menu( from the upper right hand side corner of the browser)--Tools--Import/Export user data--Import--Import from Maxthon shared account and you are good to go.

I Hope this approach helps.




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Than what about addin an option to EXPORT the settings? And by the settings I mean ALL THE SETTINGS (including Last Session, website icons, new tab thumbnails, favorites, the list of downloaded files, the plugins , passwords for sites , search engines, settings , and pretty much everything else)...

And maybe have a checkbox for each of the things above... that would be useful...

Oh, and the result could be an archive (for security reasons, I think you should change the extension, too) as of the way the settings will be stored, it doesen't matter, to me...

And you should place the export option (or the import/export option) right next to the Clear Browsing History, I think...

Oh, by the way, I was able to restore some of my settings (because I made a backup of the folder few days before trying to log into the account, and I was using the portable version), but the situation is pretty bad for the other users who tries to log into their account AFTER using the browser and when they already have settings to be saved...

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