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  1. La nube no existira, segun ellos nadie las usa, yo las uso pero las quitaron no se porque hacen eso. Deberia de anunciarlo.
  2. I have windows 7 What is the best string for my pc ? Thanks you !
  3. BugSir002 replied at 2015-4-9 21:25 Thanks for your feedback, you can temporarily shut down ad filtering, And if the issue still occurs, ... yes yes yes thank you brot ! yeah!
  4. Hi guys. I have a problem with this websites http://www.mp3c.cc/ It was working good , but for a while. when no passport sign in with maxthon works best websites. When I log in maxthon passport does not work well! The search bar disappears. here the pictures.
  5. BugSir007 replied at 2015-3-31 02:14 Hi guys, I was following up this problem but i couldn't find the file. Is file still there or i miss ... https://copy.com/cNdjLRXVFLjy9ClD Solved my problem
  6. BugSir007 replied at 2015-3-31 02:14 Hi guys, I was following up this problem but i couldn't find the file. Is file still there or i miss ... Thanks for reply My problem was solve
  7. BugSir007 replied at 2015-3-25 21:51 Hi ultra7up, Here i do not use Hotspot Shield Elite, but i would like to know what is happening exac ... When I use this program , can't update favorite bar !
  8. Anybody has used hotspot shield elite in maxthon browser?? did you have problem with it ? Because to me doesn't working well in favorite bar !
  9. StoneCold448 replied at 2015-3-19 10:12 It is there. Look at the bottom of the page, it asks for your name, email, and password. Then click ... I can´t sorry ! I will try with opera
  10. Hi Guys , I am trying to enter to this page It's my first that login in https://jumpshare.com/login
  11. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-18 13:11 After convert your file, it works! File converted thanks , works fine!!
  12. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-18 09:08 Sorry, I had reading your post too quickly! With your link I have the same message, but before I ... :L so bad !
  13. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-17 23:27 Works fine here! WAIT !! IT'S NOT YOUR FILE , IT'S MY FILE !!! TRY TO PLAY IT
  14. Magdalene replied at 2015-3-17 15:12 Plays in Retro doesn't play in Ultra. Thanks Magdalene ! :handshake
  15. Help me guys I use copy.com (cloud) The problem is that i can't play this mp3 online, everything is ok when I play witn from my PC Anyone want to resolve my problem please? Here is the mp3 https://copy.com/92Q17iYldpBZqz1n
  16. Hi Folks, I don't want to be hater ! ok I don't know why, but display me this message (looks at the picture) Why not check this youtube certificate by CEAIA ??? There is not solution for this ? IF doesn't working just delete CEAIA !!!! and try to get another ! Can We tolerate this message ? Don't understand ! :$ EDIT by 7twenty: merged with duplicate thread and updated title to help when searching
  17. odyssee replied at 2015-2-28 23:15 I get the safe logo, and I have the same issue.... But tell me is it logo safe or not ???
  18. 7twenty replied at 2015-2-28 21:30 Weird, I don't even get a safe logo in the addressbar on facebook.com?? Maxthon logo is safe or not ??? Please let me know
  19. I am trying to entering to this website to confirm if it is valid or not ! My question is What's wrong ???? here the pictures
  21. BugSir007 replied at 2015-1-26 19:01 Hi ultra7up, Sorry for the inconvenience. You meant everything works fine when Hotspot shield is dis ... Yes, You're right, everything works fine when Hotspot shield is disabled ! You may try a test !
  22. Hi everybody I got a problem with this program or with maxthon ! I don't know if this is normal from maxthon or what?? When I use Hotspot all service is working less my favorite sync, not working. What´s wrong ? Its not compatible with maxthon?
  23. 7twenty replied at 2015-1-6 04:03 It depends on how Facebook detects that info. Not really a Maxthon issue, as FB might just be lookin ... It would be interesting to people who do not navigate with MAXTHON. Maxthon would report that someone is using your facebook account, but as maxthon still has no prestige (should) then no one knew that your account is being hacked ! Thanks for respond !
  24. I have a question, when I log in from a pc or device is logically my maxthon browser. But my question is, if I browse maxthon why facebook tells me that I navigate in Chrome. Before maxthon must have its own navigation and must display this message.- facebook, you are surfing maxthon! Why not display YOU ARE USING MAXTHON?????