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  1. I've reported this bug before but it seems it is still not solved. The theme I chosed from Maxthon Theme store is Cosmopolise (the tone is turkey blue as you can see on top of the screenshot). However, you can see the preview is one of my previous skin's tone(orange). I've reported this bug before. It seems that it is not solved yet.
  2. I ask you in Maxton 6 to arrange the items in the menu for closing tabs in the same sequence as in Maxton 5 It is very difficult to change habits that have developed over the years. Прошу вас в Макстон 6 расположить пункты в меню закрытия вкладок в той же последовательноти, как и в макстон 5 Очень сложно менять привычки сложившиеся годами
  3. MX v5.3.8.2100 Windows 10 Pro Hello Installed Malwarebytes (MBAM) yesterday. Today, when I open MX5, it is blocked and closed by MBAM around the time the "Last Session" page opens. It is necessary to End Task in Task Manager after it is blocked. (Maxthon is consuming "High power".) The report is pasted below. The report appears to be the same one reported on September 5 in the Maxthon Francophone section here https://www.maxthon-fr.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/12582-connexion-compte-google-impossible/ (French language). Can I whitelist MX in MBAM or should I be concerned?
  4. When is History going to be enabled fully. All I see is the last 8 days and nothing earlier ever shows. Using Version currently but previous versions were just the same. The last time I raised this I was given an encouraging reply about reinstating a full history but it still not fixed.
  5. hi maxthon forum, i will complain about the closing tab behaviour: - if you have 3 tabs like 1 / 2 / 3 - if you close tab 2, the focus goes to tab 3 : bad bad bad - focus should go to tab 1 Why ?? you are on page (tab1) and you click on a link that open a new tab (on the right) with the new page then, after reading the page in tab 2, you close the tab 2 it is expected that you go back to tab 1, isnt it ?? NO !!! maxthon heads you to the next tab on the right ... BAD BAD BAD it is really annoying since MX5 did nt do that !!! lots of perturbations for me. Gilles
  6. Sometimes, I press Ctrl+H to bring up history, MX6 took long time to show things. Doesn't history list stored in local, why it takes so much time to show them, not to mention searching them.
  7. I was trying to use https://teams.microsoft.com/ and I keep getting this error. I verified that the cookies are allowed and in particular appear in the whitelist (Settings -> advanced -> site settings). There seems to be an app that has issues to be opened, but I don't have any indication that anything was blocked or prevented from Maxthon side...
  8. Took a long time to get this issue resolved, but now is recurring? No mute icon / capability on tabs? Thanks...
  9. I ask you to make the express panel (Quick Access ) in maxton 6 the same as it was in the maxthon 5 browser. I'm very used to this design, will it be done? If not, can you somehow return this one yourself? Прошу вас сделать express panel в макстон 6 такой, какой она была и в браузере maxthon 5. Очень привык к такому оформлению, будет ли это сделано? Если нет - можно ли этот как-то вернуть самостоятельно?
  10. Clicking 'Bookmark this page' star on the address bar will automatically add the bookmark even if you cancel the next popup window
  11. Hello. I work with Maxthon 6 portable x64 on Windows 7, but I can't open .htm and .html files from Windows Explorer with Maxthon because the "Open with" function ignores it. It lets me select "maxthon.exe" but then it doesn't appear in the list of possible applications.
  12. Dear BugSir006 and Maxthon managers; I would like you to add the following features to Maxthon 6. I think it would be better this way. Thanks in advance. 1- It will be better if the icon of the File uploader in the top menu appears as the upload percentage, not the blue bar. So we will understand how much it loads. In addition, if the file upload is interrupted, broken, if the upload stops, this icon should be red. Just like the MX 5. Otherwise, if we do not click the icon, we think that the installation continues. This wastes us time. 2- There should be a "Download" option in the upper right corner of the videos. The link sniffing option is nice. but it is insufficient. If these happen, be sure the MX6 will be super. I love MX. Thank you for your interest.
  13. Similar to my other thread (below), today Youtube live chat no longer works. Windows 10 Pro MX v5.3.8.2100 I've updated the UA using the latest one found in this forum.
  14. As title. It's the same in retro and ultra mode. Works in MX 6. Windows 10 Pro MX v5.3.8.2100 [Added] I have cleared cache, storage etc., and I've updated the UA using the latest one found in this forum... still blank.
  15. Hello My problem resurfaced. When I used the MX, when the mouse hovered over the favorites, the MX6 would turn itself off before I made a selection. Thankfully, BugSir006 helped. The problem was solved by deleting the extra links in the Favorites column. But now after installing Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3300 same trouble started. The MX6 turns itself off when the mouse is scrolling through the frequent users column. I deleted all the extra links in the favorites. My system is Windows 10 Pro x64 Graphics card Geoforce Gx Latest version. Direct X 11 installed. Notebook. The crash file is attached. Also attached is the favorites file. Thanks BugSir006 and friends who will help. This made me sad and depressed. I've never used the MX6. I had to switch to the MX5. It was boring to me too. Backups.zip bookmarks.7z Crashpad.zip
  16. Hello I am using Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3200 and V6.1.2.3300 My system is Windows 10 Pro X64 Notebook I ran into a very strange situation. I want to type capital letter T i.e. Shit t It doesn't write capital letter t. This feature was not available in older versions. Also, Word does not work on notepad, Facebook, tweeter. It only happens on Mx V6.1.2.3200. and V6.1.2.3300 I wonder why.? Thanks for helping.
  17. I upgrade to .3200 version. First, all previous records in passkeeper gone. Second, All username/password pairs I save to passkeeper currently are never successful. It's always empty in passkeeper. Restored back to .3100 version, everything is ok again.
  18. Some time ago, I've upgraded from MX5 to MX6 and since then I have the following issues: - MX6 will only start when it's started automatically at the end of the installation process - if I then close it or restart computer or whatever, MX6 won't start again - nothing happens, no process is spawned (confirmed in task manager) - the only way to get it started again is to run the installation process again and let it run from there - next issue is that with MX6, it doesn't work as default browser - I can select it in the default browser configuration in Windows, but then it does nothing, for example when I click an URL, nothing happens (even if MX6 is already running - see above problem). If I change default browser to different one (like Chrome), it works fine What I've tried: - uninstalling & reinstalling MX6 - uninstalling MX5 Environment: MX6, Windows 10 fully updated Maybe this has something to do with the previous MX5 installation? Is there some cleaner app that would get rid of all remains?
  19. I notice that reddit chat doesn't work anymore. Every time I try to open it I keep getting this message. I checked in Brave browser and it works with no issue there. Anyone have idea what may be a problem? I am using Win7 SP1.
  20. Can someone tell us why Yandex.ua cannot be deleted in the search engine section?
  21. I have found many different cases, on both buttons an menus... Some are complicated to show because they require you to login, etc. But take for example this one: on this link: https://www.habitaclia.com/comprar-vivienda-en-inca/provincia_mallorca-raiguer-area_3/vistamapa.htm when you hover the "h" symbol, a popup appears. If you click, it is supposed to open the link in a new tab. This is the behavior on both Chrome and Edge, however in Maxthon 6 nothing happens... (I checked it is not caused by the AdBlock)
  22. I am using Maxthon Browser V6.1.2.3200. I'm reporting a bug in this version. Web WhatsApp does not copy and paste photos. It pastes the text but not the photo paste. Thanks to those who will help.
  23. Gmail I am having issues with Gmail. I am still using MX5 (latest version) because I am so used to it. Gmail refuses to let me log in, claiming MX is not safe and is not a supported browser. I tried Ultra Mode, and normal one. I tried changing user agent string. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I even tried using MX6 but it won't even try to save gmail info. I have to manually log in everytime? Yahoo mail I also started having issues with Yahoo mail where everytime it autofills the password, I get a message that it is wrong. In Passkeeper, the password is correct, so I am not sure what is going on. I have to manually copy/paste it to successfully log in.
  24. Today I installed the new version maxthon x64. But I wouldn't have installed it. Because it completes the normal installation, I open it. I sync my account. Also, I did a clean install. Then when it comes to the favorites column, as soon as you slide the mouse down, the mx6 turns itself off. I tried 2-3 times, same thing happened. I just had to upgrade to Mx5.3.8.2100-beta. Why does the MX 6 do this? My system: Win 10 Pro x64 Geforce GTX 950 M I specifically installed the latest version. Direct x latest version installed. Fromeworkler is installed. I wonder if the MX 6 is incompatible with the system.